Round Up: My Favorite Nude Shoes

I love a good nude colored shoe! I especially love wearing nude colored shoes with jewel toned outfits, or when my outfit includes another nude colored clothing piece or accessory item. Actually, I love wearing nude shoes with a bunch of outfit combos.

I love to interchange a good leopard print or metallic shoe with a nude shoe, I find they can be easily rotated and both have the wow factor. If I’m wearing a leopard print shoe, I will usually opt for gold earrings, but if I’m wearing a nude shoe, I tend to want to wear leopard print earrings.

Anyways, enough rambling, without further ado, below are some of my current favorite nude shoes! I am an Amazon Affiliate, and although I might make a commission on items you purchase, I will only ever recommend things that I love and or own!

neutral nude shoes 

Reeboks Sneakers $62
These tennis shoes will be great all year long. They have the perfect fall colors, and yet you could totally wear them to a baseball game too. Honestly, I think you could get away with wearing these everywhere!

Kenneth Cole Wedges $62
I am in love with these. In San Diego, you can almost wear these year-round. They are super cute!

Sam Edeleman Nude Sandal $29
I own these, and love them. Super chic, comfy, can be dressed up or down. They remind me of Tory Burch and Athena Alexander shoes, but I think these are actually better!

Leopard Platform Sandal $33
I bought these and before I could ask my hubby what he thought, he saw my shoes and said, “I love those!” So, yeah, they are keepers, and super comfy too.

Cowboy Boots $42
You can take the girl out of the country, but… yeah, she’s always gonna want to wear boots! I’d size up on these. Boot sizes are tough for me, they aren’t quite the same size as my tennis shoes, but bigger than heels and sandals. I wear an insert, so it makes it tricky, but these are very cute and comfy! I wanted them to be a couple inches taller, but still so cute!

Leopard Wedges $44
I’m telling you, leopard print will never go out of style. I think these shoes will serve you well for many years to come!

Strappy Sandal $24
I like that these have a bit of bling detail, but it’s not over the top. The strap around the back makes it feel dressier than the average sandal, which I love!

Suede Heel $30
I’ve been looking for a nude heel to replace the ones I bought years ago. The platform on this makes the heel not feel as high, and the shape of the top seems like it would really hold your foot in place, and I love the chunkier heel – they’re easier to walk in. I got these in a 7.5.

Pink Reebok Tennis Shoes $48
There are lots of “neutral” colors, and for me, pink is definitely one of them. My obsession with pink is still going strong. I need an extra dose of femininity in my life. I have a husband, two boys, and our pup, Mr. Darcy.

I am a simple girl by nature; I don’t need a lot of things to make me happy. I own one pair of tennis shoes, two pairs of boots, and a total of five pairs of sandals and flip flops. Shocking, I know! I love clothes and shoes, but having too many would probably make me feel a bit overwhelmed. I’m working on slowing going through my closet and assessing what my needs are. I’m transitioning out of wearing leggings 24/7, and slowing updating everything I own, and I’m LOVING IT!

If it’s in your budget and you have a need, I say, buy it! Also, one more thing about shoes, don’t ever wear a pair of shoes that are not comfortable. Your feet dictate the health of so many body parts; I think it’s worth it to invest in your feet and treat them good.

I hope this article has helped you find what you need, or give you an idea for a great gift idea for a friend. I’m just happy to be the one to help you find things you love!

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