Hi there!I'm Lindsey Graves

When I was 4 years old, I gave my life to God because I realized how much He loved me, and I didn’t want to spend another day without Him. Since that day, I’ve been trying to simplify and share God’s hope, joy, and love. I am definitely not perfect; I’m a normal person who royally messes up, but because of God’s love and mercy, I know I can help you navigate and add fun to your faith and relationships!

What I know about YOU…

You belong here! Seriously. If we were to chat on the phone today, I’d love to hear about you, your life, your stories, and then I’d love to remind you how talented and wonderful you are, and how much YOU are blessing others right now. Too often we get stagnant in our faith, or we feel useless and don’t feel like we’re using our God-given talents. You’re in luck! These are all the things I’m passionate about helping women with so they can live a life of joy and meaning. 

I’m pretty sure we have a lot in common…

I’m a hopeful romantic who loves power tools, planning, relaxing, playing, delicious gluten-free food, cowboy boots, pink stuff, sparkly things, and my sweet pup- Mr. Darcy. I love well-made pieces, chick flicks, dancing, date nights, prayer, DIY, desserts, investing in people, discipline, alone time, building community, being generous, and beach days.

I believe in doing what is right, not just what is easy, popular, or convenient. I believe in God, marriage, hard work, and good clean fun.