Hi, I’m Lindsey!

When I was 30 years old I got my first book published, and I still LOVE IT to this day! It’s titled, No Sex in the City, One Virgin’s Confessions of Love, Lust, Dating, & Waiting.

I wrote this brutally honest narration of what it was like to be a 30-year-old virgin in order to help singles understand God’s view of sex, dating, & marriage. 

It’s amazing how many guys you’ll hear from when you write a book talking about how much  you want to have sex but you’re not having sex. And it was around that time that I heard from this guy named Jon.

He was a widower with two adorable sons, and he was doing everything in his power to be a force of light for his two boys who lost so much hope and joy when they lost their mom to cancer.

Let’s just say I was the last person he thought he would ever marry (he even said as much in his vows). 

After 3 years of dating, he surprised me by proposing to me on ABC’s The View, (just after our TLC episode of “Virgin Diaries” aired). Later that day, with the boys by his side, in the middle of the New York City LEGO store, the real proposal happened. Jon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (and the boys). As the three of them held up engagement rings for me (the boys made me rings out of LEGO), I just knew it didn’t get any better than this. 

As most movies go, that would be the end of our story but for us it was actually the beginning…

We’ve experienced all the highs and lows of marriage, parenting, “blended family” stuff, and guess what? We are more in love today than the day we got married. It’s kind of a miracle, actually, but that’s what makes me so passionate about helping other married couples navigate the crazy train of marriage, all while growing more and more in love with your spouse each day. 

On this blog I will share more of our story (the ups and the downs), in hopes of encouraging you in  your current situation. Whether you are single and wanting to get married, or struggling in your marriage, you will find truths here that will give you the hope and the courage to keep going, keep loving, and ultimately, keep trusting in God. 

I can’t wait to chat with you again soon, and I look forward to learning and growing together. 




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