How to Make a Staycation Feel Like a Vacation

Sometimes going on vacation as often as we’d like to doesn’t happen, and often times staycations don’t feel like real vacations. So, I put together some of my must haves to make my staycations actually feel like vacations.

#1 Pay to have your house cleaned
The best thing about being on vacation is staying in a hotel room that is clean and beautiful – you don’t have messes staring you down and ruining your vacation vibe. Since you aren’t spending money to travel, maybe hire someone to come clean your home before your staycation so you can have a fresh start.

#2 Pay someone to cook or deliver meals
The second best part about vacations are not having to constantly slave over the stove. Hire someone to come cook meals each day, or do a bunch of food prep a couple days to allow you time to really relax and unwind.

#3 Have your kids stay with family
Don’t get me wrong, I love our kids, but there is something magical that happens when it’s just my hubby and I on vacation.

#4 Rent a hotel in your same city
Sometimes just a change of scenery is all we need to reset and refresh. Find some last minute deals on hotel rooms near you if staying at home will prevent you from fully relaxing. You could also do a house swap with friends (who have a nice house) – they could stay at your place, you could stay at theirs for a week or weekend. You both could basically get a free vacation.

#5 Get all the vaca must haves
There are certain things that make you feel pampered and like you’re on vacation, so I’ve compiled a few of my favorite staycation must haves! I might make a commission off of anything you purchase, but know I only recommend things that I love!




1. Glam Swimsuit $25
You will feel like a swimsuit model in this cutie little black swimsuit! I love the shape of the top, the bottoms are high wasted, and the gold bling just makes you feel like a million bucks.

2. Pool Float For Two $119
Whether you and your hubby are relaxing reading a book on this during the day, or staring up at the stars by night, this is so fun and we are so glad we bought it. It also has incredibly high ratings too.

3. Wireless Music Box $29
I like having a wireless speaker in most of our rooms because music really does make an experience better. I had previously bought a different speaker, but after buying this one and comparing the sounds, this one has so much more depth of sound than our other portable one. I highly recommend this!

4. Swimsuit Cover-Up $32
I’ve been living in my swimsuits and cover-ups this summer. This one is so fun and flirty, your husband will love it as much as mine does. It’s also a fun date night skirt too!

5. Silk Eye Mask Set $8
Believe it or not, this was my hubby’s idea. I usually sleep with a shirt or something over my eyes because it helps me sleep better, and after trying it himself, he asked if I could order us some masks for sleeping. You better believe I bought these before he could change his mind. We love them!

6. White Robe $17
I love wearing robes all day in the hotel room, going to the spa, etc.; something about it feels relaxing.

7. Sunglasses $12
I can’t imagine a vacation without sunglasses, and these are super cute, polarized, and on sale right now!

8. Fun Glasses  $25
Every poolside vacation memory includes a fun drink. Whether you’re sipping on a homemade cocktail or mocktail, everything feels fancier in a cute glass!

9. Black Sandals $22
These cutie sandals are super comfy and TTS. (I wear a 7.5) They are great for lounging around the pool or going on a hot date!

Of course, don’t forget about the sunscreen and a few extra items! Here’s the link to my Amazon Staycation Board.

Tell me, what’s the best staycation you had and why was it so awesome?!

You might recognize a few of these items from my Back to School Teacher’s Edition fashion post, because once I find something I like, I try to figure out how to mix and match it 1,000 different ways to stretch my investment further.