Round Up: Chic Backpacks

More and more I find myself gravitating towards bags that can easily slide over my luggage when I travel. It’s so annoying to try to pull your bag, shuffle around people, juggle your ID and boarding ticket, AND also have to try to keep your bag perfectly balanced on top of your luggage. Inevitably it slides off and smacks you in the back of your legs, or worse, it spills everything on the floor.

Because I enjoy the ease of travel, it is my new goal – for every bag or travel piece I travel with – to make sure it has a pocket to slide over my carry on bag. No more purses whacking me in the back of my legs.

Anyways, backpacks are kinda awesome, and since everyone is going back to school, I wanted to share some of my favorites! Most of these come in a variety of colors, so if you see one you like, check to see if it comes in your favorite color.

*Although I might earn income from some affiliate links, I will always only suggest items that I either own or would love myself.

1. I do love a good nude color backpack or bag. It’s feminine, but not overly so. $40

2. You know I love a good gold and black combo, but this backpack has a full sized lunch box too! $42

3. I love the handles and all the fun compartments on this grey backpack. $39

4. This backpack is very cool. I love the hint of brown/leather on the bottom. $29

5. A very classy backpack, if I do say so myself.  $32 It is

6. The convenience of this backpack is endless, including the phone charger $35

7. Grey is such a great neutral color too, and the hints of leather really elevate this chic look of this gorgeous backpack. $32

8. An obvious favorite backpack with its black fabric and gold zippers, easy to reach compartments, phone charger, and it holds a laptop.  $35

9. Just like #8, this pattern is so gorgeous. I always waffle between pink and black, so I had to include the pink backpack option here too.   $41

Tell me, what’s your favorite feature in a backpack? Did you find any that you love? Click through the links to see all the angles and features, these will not dissappoint.

You know, it is such a blessing to be able to buy new backpacks when you or your kids need them. It seems like kids’ books keep getting bigger and heavier. As I am sure you know, or maybe have experienced, there are a lot of kids who don’t get new clothes or backpacks every year. Maybe, as you are shopping for your family, see if there is anyone in your circle of friends who needs a bit of support with school supplies this year. Every year we donated a couple of backpacks and supplies to our church who gave them to families in need, and I think that’s so cool.  A generous person will always have more joy than worry, and I love that.