Get the Look of My Home Office!

Although I found most of my home office decor at places like Offer Up, Ross, Home Goods, and Target (a few years back) I have linked similar items so you could create this same look in your home office. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

chair (similar) // curtains // chandelier // light bulbs // zz plant

desk (similar) // dresser (similar) // gold vase // eucalyptus stems


rug (similar) // mirror (similar) // ottomans (similar)

Because I love giving you guys options, here are a few additional choices, just to give you a few to choose from!


Golden beach // Baldwin (cream) // Green Forest // Phinnaeus


Exquisite // Korabella // Anarasia


Noble House // Pemberly // Winsome // Zinus // Paramore // Valerie


Skye Terracotta // Maribel // Nourison Tranquil


70″ Bevel mirror // Hans & Alice // CrossROBIN thin frame

ONXO – full length // Ikornnes // Floating – wood floor


Klamma Glam // Hudson (pair)

Inspired Home Nicole // Elissa


Cotton luster velvet dusty blush // Sanela – pink


Pink vase // Cosmo living // Round Eucalyptus leaves

longer eucalyptus leaves // boxwood-looking eucalyptus stem

This list is not exhaustive, and these pieces are not high end, but they are still pieces I could easily love in my home. It’s easy to share furniture and decor that are pricey, but that doesn’t work with everyone’s budget. So, instead of feeling stuck because you can’t afford a super expensive home makeover, I wanted to give you options that allow for some change to happen without breaking your budget.

I always offer my clients a variety of options, ranging from very pricey to more affordable, and just like I tell my clients, you too just need to figure out what you need, can afford, and find pieces that you love.

Items don’t need to cost a ton of money in order for you to love them. In fact, every room in my home has thrifted items, items we purchased pre-used, and a ton of re-purposed items that I got for free. There are a few items that I always feel are worth spending a little more on, usually rugs, and things I sit on or lay on, other than that, I think if you like it and it meets your needs for a space, just go for it!

For a list of 10 gold chandeliers that I am loving right now, read this blog.

To see the home office before and after post, click here.

Happy decorating friends! I wish you luck as you design spaces you love to live in!