His & Hers Home Office

Photo Source: West Elm

Working from home can have its rewards, but sometimes trying to create a cohesive space for the Mr. & Mrs. can lead to less than agreeable conversations. However, I love creating his and hers home offices. Any time I can use spaces or furniture in ways people don’t expect that helps them save room and accomplish their goals, I seize the opportunity.

How to Design a His & Hers Home Office

1. Pick out a large table to function as a desk for both individuals. I usually gravitate for large dining tables like this one from Z Gallerie.

zgallerie empire dining table

Or this one from Z Gallerie. There are other options of this size from places like pottery barn and other chain stores too. The important thing is to pick out a table that gives you plenty of legroom and matches the style of your space.

archer dining table zgallerie

2. Pick out chairs that compliment each other, but vary slightly. I prefer chairs that don’t have wheels, but some people say they have to have the wheels, so here is an example of a pair of chairs I could see working in a his & hers home office space. I like the gray chair for the Mr. and the white one for the Mrs. Check them out at Z Gallerie.

Hers                                                                                                                  His

zgallerie network desk chair        zgallerie network desk chair

I also love this chair and it’s blush pink partner from Pottery Barn.

pottery barn desk chair nash

3. Set up the computer stations on opposite sides of the table and on opposite ends so that you are facing each other, but not bumping legs under the table.

4. Organize. Stray away from the standard filing cabinet look and let your storage look something like these pieces from Pottery Barn.


5. Create a spot for reading that isn’t at the desk with this beauty from Pottery Barn. Side note, I LOVE this chair and one of my recent clients bought two of these to flank the fireplace and they look gorgeous!

pottery barn hatton tufted wingback chair

6. Pick out the accessories: rug, lamps & lighting, plants, books, pillows, etc. Personalize the space and bring it to life with minimal accents so the office doesn’t feel cluttered or messy.

Stay tuned for a chic His & Hers Home Office Design Board for my client’s new home in The Woodlands, TX.