10 Modern Brass Chandeliers I am Loving Right Now (for less than $100)

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a chandelier, but one thing I didn’t think about (until recently renovating my new home office) was that if you are concerned about cost, you have to price out the chandelier plus the total price of the light bulbs in order to know if you are getting a chandelier that works for your budget.

For example, I bought this chandelier for $60, but because it requires 10 light bulbs, I ordered two packs of these light bulbs, and this dimmer, so the total price for this chandelier is much different than just the cost of the chandelier. Make sense? Granted, I was going to purchase a dimmer regardless of which chandelier I chose, but if it wasn’t in my budget to get all three items, I would have just painted my nickel finished flush mount light that was in the room when I started. Also, I opted for the more expensive LED lights, because after doing a cost analysis, if I used regular 25 watt bulbs instead of the 4watt LED bulbs, I would be spending about $62 more per year for the same amount of light. Since the light bulbs were $52 for 12, it actually saved me money in the long run to buy the more expensive bulbs now.

#1 I just installed this chandelier in my home office. It has an antique gold color and I just love it. The only down side (if there is one) is that there are so many lights sockets, which require a lot of bulbs, which (for me) requires a dimmer switch. It’s totally fine, it’s just something to think about. *Note: When I bought this beauty, the seller was offering a $30 off coupon, and last I checked, there was a $20 off coupon, although I don’t think it will last long.

#2 I am looooving this chandelier. Not too many lights, and so very French chic. This would be great over a table, sofa, coffee table, etc. It hung a bit too low for my office since my desk wasn’t right under it, but if it were, this would be so great!

#3 This chandelier is too cute. I love that it can be styled two different ways and look great both ways! Also, an added bonus, it includes light bulbs!

#4 This one is very similar to the one I bought, like almost identical. The main difference I can see is that this one has more of a brushed brass/gold finish, whereas mine has more of a brushed antique gold finish. So gorgeous. $99 (Available w/Amazon Prime)

#5 This chandelier is simpler than the Sputnik ones, and I love it for that! This is pretty close to #3, but it has an extra arm.

#6 I am totally digging the vibe of this flush mount chandelier. It’s got a modern, industrial, artistic feel to it. I love how unique it is and how versatile it can be in a variety of spaces!

Other chandeliers that I thought were pretty: #6, #7, #8 , #9, & #10.

If you look closely in many of the chandelier images, you will see an attachment piece at the top of the electrical housing (that attaches to the base plate/electrical cap). This piece allows for most of these chandeliers to hang on a straight or slanted ceiling. I didn’t use that bit for my ceiling, and you don’t have to either- unless you have a slanted ceiling, but it’s pretty cool that so many of these come standard with them.