What I Didn’t Expect to Feel at My Son’s Senior Photo Shoot

Watching my youngest go through all the senior year stuff has me both happy and sad. I did not see that coming. Even though the summer was fun, fast, and a little unusual given the fact that I was converting our garage into a dorm room for our two sons (kitchenette and all), I thought I would be fine watching our last baby take his senior photos. *Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.

Praise God for sunglasses and a quick photo sesh. That really helped me keep the tears at bay. For my son, it was just another day, but for this mama, it was the last one of it’s kind. I will never have another kid take high school senior photos. It just kinda hit me; I am going to be going through a lot of “last times” this year. And as soon as that thought entered my mind, a few others tagged along too.

As a homeschooling mom, it’s easy to question yourself. “Was I a good teacher? Did I teach him all he needed to know? How will he do after he graduates?”

And then, I shifted my focus to God. After all, it’s not about me and my skills, and it’s not supposed to be. It’s always about being used by God, in all we do.

God knew my strengths and weaknesses when he brought these kiddos into my life, and He also knows that they will need to learn a lot of things on their own.

Basically, regardless of what God is calling you to do, remember, it’s not about you; it’s always about Him. He will provide for you. He will prepare you. And He will even help clean up when you make a mess of things.

Be encouraged, friends! God loves your babies even more than you do. I know, it’s hard to imagine, but it’s still true. God was with our babies long before we welcomed them into this world, and He will be with them as we send them out into the world too.

I now am recognizing, that similar to grief, change, and the end of a chapter can hit you when you least expect it. And while I am so excited for Christian, and all the wonderful things ahead of him, I am also sad about the season that is coming to an end. And on that note, I need to ask you for a huge favor. Please pray for us as we love on him and get ready to “launch” him into his next season. And I wholeheartedly welcome any pointers for me about savoring the last senior year! Please share in the comments!

  1. I think YOU should have a baby. Why not? You’re too young not to experience pregnancy and motherhood to a baby. ?

    1. We prayed a lot about it before we got married and I didn’t feel like I needed to have my own birth child. God is in the business of adoption type stories anyway, so in some ways, it helped me feel more grateful for how He loves us.