My Kitchen Mini Makeover | Design Inspiration

Since we moved into our home five years ago, I haven’t done much to make our house look like an interior designer (me) lives there. I have been busy with teenagers and a new hubby, I didn’t have any time for anything else. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much the design of my space was impacting my mood. I know, this seems silly, I am an interior designer and I preach this stuff to my clients. I was so busy with being a new wife and mom that I forced myself to be content with the way our home looked. Our kitchen was newly remodeled when we purchased it, and everything in our home was new to us, so every day I thanked God for it. After all, when I was single, I was living in an apartment with two other gals, so having a house (especially in San Diego), made me one happy lady. I was and still am so grateful for our beautiful home.

Then one day it hit me; I hated being in the kitchen. I hated doing dishes, I hated cooking. To me, the kitchen felt dark and depressing. There was more food to cook and more mouths to feed. Everything took so much longer than it took me when I was single, and the food I did make, didn’t last very long. Maybe you can relate?

So, on a whim, I decided it was time. Time for a mini-makeover for our kitchen. What I was about to do caused my husband to ask me a lot of questions, and my sons told me they liked our kitchen just the way it was, but my mind was made up. Change was a coming! It was time for me to LOVE being in our kitchen, after all, I spend more time in this one room in our house than I do all of the other rooms combined, (at least when I am awake). So, just like I do before every project, I look for inspirational photos. I may not love everything in the photos, but moreso I look for certain elements that really make a space pop.

Here are some kitchens that I have been gaga over the past few months and have inspired me to take a few risks in our kitchen that my clients might not be as bold with.
Source: 2nd Truth for With and Delight

I absolutely love the contemporary shapes of the octagon tiles, and I am in love with the dark teal green tile color. This color and emerald green are two of my favorite colors and I am looking for ways to incorporate them into the kitchen design.

Source: via My Domaine, Paul Costello for Country Living

I love this black and white combination, and the antique elements. Although I tend to learn towards the Contemporary, Traditional, Hollywood Glam mixtures for design, there was just something about this that I loved.

Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur

Source: Via DIY Candy, via Style Juicer

This photo made me realize that I was leaning more towards a black and white style for my kitchen. I love getting inspiration from designs that have nothing to do with the space I am decorating. It’s a fun way for me to give a space my own twist.

Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | EntrepreneurSource: My Scandinavian Home

This photo helped me to be bold with my use of black in our kitchen. It’s risky, some say it can make the space look smaller, but I think I need to try it.

Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur Source: Lonny

Now we’re talking. Ahh, my favorite color combo: Black, white, and Gold. I think I am so in love with these colors because they remind my of my glory days in college at the University of Colorado, but there is just something elegant, sophisticated, and timeless about this combination.

In case you don’t know what the University of Colorado logo looks like, here ya go! 🙂 It’s just so pretty.

Source: University of Colorado

Source: One Kings Lane

And last but not least, this beauty. I first fell in love with the stove, then the rest of the kitchen. Although the cabinets are not black, I knew that black was in my near future. I will post a design board for my tuxedo kitchen soon. I can’t wait!

What kitchen designs inspire you?

Be bold and beautiful,