DIY Christmas Pom Pom “Grateful” Garland

I love this quick DIY pom pom garland that I created last week! From start to finish it took me two hours, although I am convinced it could be done faster. I made this sitting at my kitchen table while helping my teenager finish his Algebra homework. I love projects like this; ones that are easy to fit into your life and do more than make your home pretty. This garland is pretty, but it’s got a significant purpose too.

Lindsey Graves Pom Garland

Gold charger plates (similar)  | Napkins (similar) | plates (similar)

What is the “Grateful” Garland?

You might have been thrown by the “grateful garland” title, so let me explain what I mean. The tags you see hanging on the garland aren’t just plain tags; on the back, they have phrases of things my guys and I are grateful for. My hubby, our two teens, and I have been writing down things that we are grateful for each day. We started doing this in November and I thought it would be a good thing for us to continue through Christmas.

My theory was this: If every day (or as often as we remember), we can write down one thing we are grateful for, then by the time Christmas morning rolls around, we won’t feel like we really need anything. So far, it’s been an interesting experience for me.

We really are so blessed.


Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur  Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur

Let it snow art (similar) | Confetti art (no longer available) (similar)

By remembering all the things we have to be thankful for, it puts everything else in perspective. I told my hubby and family that I don’t need any presents this year, because, really, I don’t. Sure they didn’t listen and wanted to get me something anyway, but the cool thing for me is that I don’t feel like I need anything. I am content with what I have and what I don’t have. Yes, I have an awesome list of things that I’d like to get to finish some interior design projects, but I don’t need those things.

And when my boys gave me their wish lists for 2017—unlike previous years when their lists were filled to the brim with anything and everything—they really narrowed down their lists to revolve around things they need to pursue their dreams (movie-making and music production).

As a parent, when you see something like this, it’s hard not to want to give them way more than they asked for. You know? My hubby and I are trying to give generously, but also stick to a conservative budget, so it’s fun to see how we can support our kids and give them fun gifts!

As if those reasons weren’t enough, so far the coolest thing about the Grateful Garland has been reading what my guys are grateful for. Some of the things they are grateful for: Our family, our church, their friends, the ability for them to make music and movies, family time, the Bible, their Dominion games (I will have to tell you all about these in another post), and many more.Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur

Who knew that one little crafty DIY garland could usher in such a wonderful experience for our family?


Here’s what you’ll need to make this garland:

Yarn/twine/rope | Needle & Thread | Scissors

This is an easy DIY project, but I’ve broken it down based on the varying time requirements to complete it.

EASIEST: (15 min.)
* Buy a pre-made pom pom garland
* Buy pre-made tags

I love these pre-made garland and tag options by Hand & Hearth.

   lindsey graves diy garland hand and hearth garland


garland tutorial lindsey graves - hearth & hand garland


EASY: (2 hrs.)
* Buy pre-made pom poms, then sew them onto the yarn garland
* Make garland (or buy pre-cut yarn/garland)
* Make tags (or buy them – I think using gift tags would be such a cute idea. I know they sell really cute ones at the dollar store). For my tags, I used some left over from a different project, and when we rant out, I cut a bunch of skinny rectangles out of a sheet of cardstock, used a hole puncher at the top, then tied a slip knot through those bad boys and called it a day.

LESS EASY: (2+ hrs.)
* Make pom poms, then sew them onto the yarn to make the garland. (This video shows just how easy it is to make poms.)

* Make/print/design your own tags

I actually didn’t make my pom poms. After Christmas last year, I snagged these two types of pom poms in packs of 30 (SM), and 15 (LG) on clearance at Target for $.50 each! I haven’t checked this year, but they should have something similar for sale.

Lindsey Graves - Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur

First – I measured how much yarn I needed for the garland to hang around the fireplace in a comfortable way. I wanted to make the garland floor length so we had room for all the grateful tags. I measured from the floor to the top of the left side of the mantle (where I was attaching the garland), then over to the right side, but left enough for a nice swag. Then I measured from the top right of the fireplace (second attaching point) to the floor. After measuring it out, I added another two feet for good measure. I figured I would need it for something, and as it turns out, I did. In each corner (attaching point) I tied a slip-knot to remember where the yarn would hang. This step helps save time when attaching the poms and figuring out an even placement for them.

Lindsey Graves | Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur


Second – With a needle and thread at the center of each pom, tie four knots through each pom, leaving about three inches of string remaining. I left the extra thread to make it easier to attach the poms to the yarn. Be sure to pull these knots tight so they won’t show. I finished all of the poms, then set them aside to begin attaching them to the yarn.

Third – Attach the poms to the yarn. I started from the attaching points and worked my way down and around the garland. I like symmetry, so I placed an equal amount of poms on each side. The good news about making this is that if you attach a pom in a place that doesn’t look right, you have some wiggle room to slide the poms around a bit. I would try not to do this too often so they don’t become loose. That’s pretty much it!

At first, I didn’t know how many poms I wanted, so I started with the smaller ones, then after hanging it around the fireplace, I decided that it needed more, so I added the larger poms and was happy.

Lindsey Graves Pom Garland15

Alternative ways to spice up this garland…

* Add gold or silver balls

* Add tree twigs, berries, or flowers

* Add ornaments

* Add lights

* Add popcorn garland

* Add marshmallows instead of poms?

* Feather Garland, like this one

Lindsey Graves | Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur

My idea originated when I saw Emily’s post (from Jones Design Company), she made cute FREE tags for her family to write what they are thankful for and place them on a tree/branch, leading up to Thanksgiving. When I saw her post, I was wondering where in the world we could hang our tags. I never came up with a location, so our notes just sat on top of our fireplace mantle until it dawned on me that this would be such a fun garland idea!

Lindsey Graves Pom Garland

I was going for a simplified “White Christmas” look, and I wanted the white poms to look like snowballs. I also wanted to make something that would survive being in storage after Christmas is over. On that note, for all my garlands/banners, I carefully wrap them and put them in a large gallon Ziploc baggie to keep them safe.

If you haven’t yet put up Christmas decorations or are looking for a Christmassy activity to do with your family this week, add this easy DIY garland to your list. Might be a fun activity for your house guests to participate in, as well.

We are making this a new family tradition in our home. I’d love to hear how it impacts your family, too!

Enjoy your week!

With boldness & beauty,