Fall Style: What’s in My Closet

Hi Gorgeous Friends!

I know how hard it can be to do a mini update on your wardrobe, so I wanted to share my shopping successes with you!

My style isn’t super dressy or super casual, it’s somewhere right in the middle. I love a cute pair of jeans with a stylish t-shirt and a cute jacket and/or scarf. I like to jazz things up with accessories and a comfy stylish pair of shoes. I don’t like to spend much money on clothes, but I don’t want cheap clothes either.

I usually spend more money on a quality jacket and a nice pair of shoes shoes that will be comfortable and stylish for a very long time. I don’t like to spend more than $15 on shirts since I find they don’t last as long. My cute jackets, aka: staples in my wardrobe, range from $20-$60.

I say all this because I see so many “What’s in my Cart” newsletters that gals put together, and they look awesome, but rarely do I find items that fit with my budget, so I thought I would offer cute affordable options for everyone who wants to looks stylish without breaking the bank.

I only buy clothes that I can mix and match and wear with a bunch of clothing options. So I never really feel like I need a lot of clothes. 🙂 Last year I went to Europe with my hubby and two sons for three weeks and we each only brought a backpack and a carryon bag. That was it. When we got home, I decided it was time to simplify. We don’t really need much. And when you have fewer clothes, you have less laundry, which gets me really excited. Besides, it was so freeing to live simply.

I don’t normally buy clothes, in fact,  its been like 3 years since I bought a pair of jeans and I think I bought one t-shirt last year, so these purchases will last me a very long time. For your convenience, I have included my size of the items featured below, just in case you are trying to see which size to get. I hope this helps!

First, the shirts. These shirts are sooo soft to the touch, not skin tight, but not “boyfriend” baggy either. Trust me, they will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Wonder Woman Shirt | $15 | Size XS
I got this shirt in a medium heathered grey color, but I think they only sell it at the stores, not online. I loved the message: BEAUTY * STRENGTH * LOVE * GRACE * TRUTH.

Rose Gold Dot Shirt | $10 | Size S
I was attracted to this shirt because it is casual, yet the shiny rose gold circles make it a little dressier, which I love.

California T-shirt | $13 | Size S
This top is cute and I like having something that says where I am from. Might be cheesy, but I don’t care. 🙂

More Love T-shirt | $15 | Size XS
I liked the message of this shirt. I have two teens, and I think they and all their friends need more love.

Pink Puffy Vest | $40 | Size 6
I haven’t bought this yet, but I do have one in black and I LOVE this piece for my fall wardrobe. Either color will be great for multiple looks.

Lace Bomber Jacket | $9.00 | Size S (Currently on CLEARANCE)

This jacket I bought for the days when I need a lightweight jacket to cover my arms. I love this. And can you believe the price?!

Grey Business Jacket | $50 | Size 6
A few years ago my hubby bought me three jackets from H & M to replace my older ones. I LOVE my H & M jackets. They wear well, are good quality, and look awesome with a cute T-Shirt and jeans, and boots or wedges.

Fitted Black Business Jacket | $40  | Size 6
Another staple of mine! I wear this with dresses to parties, date nights on Fridays, and even church on Sundays. LOVE THIS.

Biker Jacket | $60| Size 6
If you don’t need the above mentioned jackets, buy this one. Otherwise, it might go in the “splurge” category, like a cool gift to buy now and have my hubby give me at Christmas or something. I love having one jacket that is a little unexpected. And I LOVE the wide collar.

Camo Jeans | $30 or Buy one get one %50 off! | Size 4R (Currently on SALE)
I just received these last night and tried them on for my hubby… super cute! You definitely want to add this to your wardrobe!

Pink Jeans | $30 or Buy one get one %50 off! | Size 4R (Currently on SALE)
Same as the camo jeans, these were LOVE for me. I received the package last night and wore them with my wonder woman shirt today. LOVE THESE.
* I didn’t add any regular jeans because I am assuming everyone has one pair of regular jeans that they love. Hopefully.

Black Suede Boots | $30| Size 8.5
I wanted a flat(ish) boot for the winter; these boots had great reviews and they feel comfy! And can you believe that price for REAL SUEDE?!

Gold Triangular Necklace | $16 (Currently on SALE)
I love wearing this with my “Wonder Woman” T-shirt, it kinda makes me feel legit.

Pearl Necklace | $13.50 (Currently on SALE)
I love to wear these with my jeans, “more love” shirt, one of the above jackets, and a cute black wedge. My mom saw me wearing this necklace with that outfit and said, “of course you would wear pearls with a t-shirt!” 🙂

Gold Angular Necklace | $13.50
The other gold necklaces (above) are collar length, this one is longer and a fun accent with a plain black t-shirt and jeans.


Pink Faux Fur Coat | $130 | Size 6
This coat is for special occasions: fancy work parties, dates at the Opera or Symphony, etc. I have something similar to this one and I LOVE wearing it to formal events.

Pink Sandals | $225| Size 8 (I haven’t bought these yet, I am trying to decide between these and the black ones)
These are a splurge only because of the price. I stopped a gal the other day while in the airport on my way to AZ to work on a client’s house and she had these shoes, but in a tan color, and I asked her about them and she swore that they felt just like tennis shoes, but they sure didn’t look like it. My old pair of New Balance tennis shoes were $195, and the only reason I bought them was because with all of my health problems the last couple years, they were the only shoes (out of more than 50 pairs) that felt comfortable. I need a pair like this so I can have the comfort of a tennis shoe, but dressier. I live in San Diego, so we can get away with stuff like this almost all year. The last time I purchased an expensive pair of shoes like these, was ten or so years ago, and those shoes are still awesome, even after wearing them almost daily. So when you average out this price tag for how long they could possibly last you, I think it’s worth it.

All of the above items can be mixed and matched. Have fun,  share your photos with me, and keep your hubbies happy by not breaking the bank this year with your wardrobe updates! Stay tuned, I might be posting some wardrobe combinations with these picks soon.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see!


  1. Great article! I have to say you look so much better in these clothes than the models, Hollywood. Love you more than you can imagine…