Motherhood is Like a Marathon

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I don’t know if you all follow Chip & Joanna Gaines on their blog or not, but recently Chip ran his first marathon.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the training regiment for a marathon, the athletes start off running short distances, then longer distances, then shorter again, and do so right up until the marathon. However, and you might find this odd, but they never actually run the full 26.2 miles. Interesting, right.

This picture really spoke to me when I was thinking about how I might be able to send a note of encouragement to you around Mother’s Day.

Silo-District-Marathon-Chip-Gaines-Running-With-Family-Gabe-Grunewald-Brave-Like-Gabe-WacoPhoto Source: Magnolia

In this photo you will see that Chip had a team of people who were running with him. Before the race he reached out to some of his friends and scheduled 10 of them to help him run 2.6 miles of the race at various intervals to help keep him going. They all wore shirts that said, “Team Chip” on it.

Chip’s recent marathon reminded me a lot about the marathon that all of us are running in and training for right now, aka: motherhood.

Whether you have little ones, pre-teens, teens, college students, and kids who are out of the home, we are all running the same race.

Just like training for a marathon, you will have the 10 mile days- the days that will require more of you, that will test you, stretch you. But you will also have the lighter 3 mile days – the days when you actually think that you might be a good mom. And you will also have the days (and sometimes weeks) where you feel like you are literally running a 26.2 mile marathon. You will feel like you can do no more, and that you have nothing left to give. Any you will have days that will leave you wondering if you should just quit.

But just like Chip’s support team, we have God and each other, and we need both.

You all bring me so much joy, hope, laughter, love, support, encouragement, and so much more. On the days when I wonder if I am a good mom, friend, and wife, you guys are there to encourage me.

When I need prayer, or when my kiddos need a ride somewhere, you are there.

If I could have you focus on one truth this week, it would be this…


You are enough.


You are doing such a great job. This whole mom, wife, friend thing is tough. Your kiddos and hubby are so unique, and God chose to put YOU in their lives to be a light and hope to them. You are enough.

Your role is so important. Your gifts, your talents, your passions, your quirks, are exactly what God is using to bless your hubby and your kiddos right now. You are enough.

Even when life gets crazy busy, and your house is messy, and your kids seem like they hate you, and you haven’t reached out to your friends in a long time, and you accidentally overcommit yourself to good causes, you are enough.

You don’t need to compare your mom skills to other moms, just love your family the best you know how, and by the grace of our Awesome God, it will be exactly what they need.You are enough. God will give you the grace, love, wisdom, and patience that you and your family need. All you have to do is continue to seek God first, ask forgiveness when you mess up, and keep going.


You are not perfect, but you are enough.


Rest in these words of truth this week, and know that even if your kiddos have a hard time expressing it, they are so blessed to have you as their mom. If they knew how to thank you, they would say, “Thank you for all the hard, tiresome, exhausting, joy-filled, errand-running, carpooling, snack and meal-making, dress sewing, soccer/basketball/volleyball coaching, bake sale, field trip, math lesson days that you have done and will continue to do for me; I love you so much.” Your kiddos are going to bless and influence so many people, all because you chose to relentlessly love them, every, single, day.

Silo-District-Marathon-Chip-Gaines-Running-With-Family-Daughter-Finish-Line-Brave-Like-Gabe-WacoPhoto Source: Magnolia

Just like this photo of Chip crossing the finish line with his daughter, your race is not just about you, it’s also about everyone you meet along the journey. Here’s to you, mom! Happy Mother’s Day. Remember that you are enough, and you are not alone. If you need prayer, reach out to me or another friend, let us come alongside you and help you on your marathon.

Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…”


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