Mediterranean Coastal Guest Bathroom: Design Board

My Client’s Mediterranean Coastal Guest Bathroom Design Board

One of my simplest joys in life is working with new design clients. I love getting to know them and finding out what makes them tick. Recently I started working with new clients who are building their dream home and asked me to help them. Of course I was thrilled to accept the job! Usually I work with one client at a time, and although I have a client in Arizona and another in Texas who I am currently working with, I just couldn’t pass up this fun opportunity.

Once we submitted the design plans to the city for approval, we began prioritizing the projects that we needed to begin first based on the design elements that would take  the longest to order: doors, cabinets, flooring. Then I began conceptualizing some general design ideas about what they told me they liked and hoped to see. Once I figured out my client’s general preferences, I begin to narrow down the options to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed and to ensure that I was correctly assessing their needs and preferences.

One of the first projects I started working on was the bathrooms. They will have three bathrooms in total: a master bath, guest bath, and half bath, and we are creating unique designs for each space. After my initial consultation with them, I was able to determine that my clients are very laid back and casual, but they also love some contemporary elements too. The overall ‘feel’ of their home will be a combination of the Mediterranean coastal meets casual contemporary. Their home will feel comfortable, casual, and elegant with a monochromatic (color on color variation) scheme but nothing too “matchy-matchy”. The simple, clean, and fresh decor will enable my clients work, entertain, or relax to their liking, all while admiring their gorgeous ocean view.

Overall, this home will feel:
Coastal – with hints of the beach, and odes to the beach atmosphere without it being a literal translation of it
Mediterranean – with stucco exterior, Riviera type exterior plants and landscaping, and cement “tile” looking roof
Cottage – we will incorporate industrial, casual elements, white and linen colored sofas and chairs
Nature – plants will be key to pulling off this look, the green color really ties everything together both in the interior and exterior designs

I put together a list of seven “must haves” for my client’s guest bathroom, so let’s talk about those, but first, let me give you a background about my thoughts on this space. I wanted each guest who stays with them to feel like they are staying in a luxury hotel, without all the formalities. I wanted to ensure that each guest felt relaxed and comfortable in this space, which is why I incorporated certain comfort-oriented elements into this design.Mediterranean Beach Coastal Bathroom

#1 The Capiz Drum Pendant Light from Pottery Barn fits perfectly with this space because it isn’t too formal, adds a touch of glam, and BONUS, it’s made of seashells and the octagonal shape mirrors the floor tiles perfectly.

#2 The Gray Glass Subway Tiles that I found at San Diego Marble & Tile will look perfect in the shower from floor to ceiling and even on the ceiling. The continuous lines and color actually make the shower area feel larger than it really is. LOVE THAT. *I also believe I’ve seen something like this at Home Depot – which will probably be the most affordable option.

#3 The Industrial Sconce Light from Restoration Hardware is the perfect way to add an industrial element to this bathroom without compromising the overall elegance of the design.

#4 The Octagon Floor Tiles I found at Home Depot and San Diego Marble and Tile and plan to place these on the entire bathroom floor, up the shower step, and into the shower floor to help the space look larger.

#5 The Teak Shower Stool I found at Bed Bath & Beyond exudes comfort in a bathroom for guests.

#6 The Grey Vanity- I couldn’t find the exact one in the photo, but I found some pretty cool ones from Restoration Hardware (see photos below).


Mediterranean Coastal Guest Bathroom

I love the grey wash on this gorgeous vanity, and the storage is phenomenal!

Casual Coastal Guest Bathroom Vanity and Sink

I like the pressure washed look of this open shelved oak vanity and think this would look great too!

#7 The Wooden Tray I found at Target and it would be a great place to put extra bathroom accessories, toothbrushes, etc. for the guest in case they lost theirs during travel.

I can’t wait to show you more design boards for this client’s home; I only hope that you will love them as much as I do. If you have questions about my design ideas, comment below and I will answer as many as possible. Thank you.