Round Up: College Dorm Needs (Guys Edition)

Since we all know that guys are different from girls, I’ve composed a list of must haves for the guy’s dorm room as well. If you missed it, read this post that I wrote for the college girls’ dorm room must haves!

I have observed that the stereotypical 19 year old guy isn’t typically a neat freak.  But, I have also observed that things tend to change when a pretty girl comes around. So, to help your son make a good first impression and have a room that he can feel proud of, below are my list of things he’ll need to have the best dorm room experience.


dorm room essentials for  guys

Safe $22
This is a good idea for him to keep valuables tucked away somewhere safe. With roommates and their friends coming in and out of the room, and forgetting to lock his door, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d suggest he doesn’t tell anyone about it and store it someplace that’s hard to get to.
This coffee pot will help him whether he needs a boost in the morning, or is pulling an all-nighter! It takes both coffee grounds and pods.
This probably isn’t a gaming computer, but I kinda think that’s a good thing since he will have enough distractions as it is. It will help him take notes in class, and be able to work from wherever.
These space saving hangers are not only very practical, but handsome too. The velvet will help keep his clothes on the hangers and keep the closet a bit cleaner.
This laundry bag makes it super easy for your son to take his clothes to the laundry mat. I love the exterior pocket to hold the laundry detergent!
This kit seriously has just about everything he will need all wrapped up into one! Sheets, towels, fan, mattress topper, comforter, and so much more! And it’s super stylish too!
This is such a great fan. It will easily clip onto his bunk bed to help keep him cool at night.
Your son will need this for sure. In tiny spaces, you want to build up, not out, so any shelving like this will help him be able to organize his items easier.
These Adidas Men’s Shower Slides are essential! I’m not a fan of athlete’s foot, and I doubt your son is either, which is why these are a must for wearing to the public showers.
This is super helpful for storing extra food, school supplies, etc.
If your son is anything like mine, he is always hungry. Since teenage boys typically gravitate towards junk food, I thought sending him to college with a bit of protein couldn’t hurt.
If you’ve ever walked through the guys section in a college dorm, you’ll know why this is so important! Send him with some essentials oils too, and pray that he uses it!
I love that this fridge has a vintage feel to it, and of course it will hopefully help keep your son full when the food hall is closed.
I thought this was pretty cool for extra storage. He can put his phone/alarm or whatever on his bedside. It clips to the bunk bed and can fit up to a laptop size item.
These are a need! The typical dorm room doesn’t have enough outlets, and they are usually hard to reach, especially if your son gets the top bunk.
Because college life can typically be loud.
This is super cool! It creates a table surface anywhere. Whether he’s in bed or on a bench at a park. Dorm rooms can get loud, the library can be too quiet, so this portable desk is so cool!  And, if he prefers a stand-up setup, this extends high enough for him to do that too!
I have a bunch of other great finds that I think your son will most likely need, everything from an adult-sized scooter to get around campus, a reliable backpack (that also charges his phone), to a door hook for him to hang his towel and hats!
Everything for your son’s college dorm life can all be found in my College Dorm Room for Guys Amazon Page!
It’s times like this in our lives, when there’s a drastic change, that causes us to reflect on the past and wonder how things will be in the future? Will my son stay in touch? Will he remember his childhood fondly? Was I a good parent? I can’t predict the future, but I cling to the verse in the Bible that says, “Love covers all” – all sins, all failures, all fears, everything.
You and I were not perfect parents, none of us are, and it’s okay. Show yourself grace and kindness as you reflect. Parenting is really tough. As you reflect on your parenting, do so through the lens that you did the best that you could with the knowledge, resources, and abilities that you had at the time. If things come up that you need to ask forgiveness for, do so, and move forward as someone who is eager to love and grow in mercy and grace.
Tell me, what’s been the hardest part about sending your son off to college?
Was there anything else that I should have added to this list? If you’re like me, you wanted to  buy your son everything, but it’s okay not to. He will probably appreciate things a bit more in a few years anyways.
5×8 rug $84
Rug $208
Disinfecting spray/wipes $26
bible, pen, journal