Round Up: College Dorm Needs (Girls Edition)

It’s that time again, when young girls across the country head off to college to experience the college dorm life for the first time!

As if this isn’t stressful enough for you, the parents, you also have to figure out everything she will need at her new home away from home. Although I can’t help you cry less during this season, I can help create an awesome dorm room for your daughter so she is totally prepared for dorm life!

After helping your daughter get situated in her new room, she’ll be busy attending meetings, greetings, and all sorts of freshman activities. She won’t have time to worry about what else she needs for her room; and that’s why it’s so cool that we are helping her!

Without further delay, here’s a Round Up of some of the must haves, nice to haves, and all out splurges for your daughter’s new dorm room.

Gold Trash Can – Can we talk about how gorgeous this is?! It’s super cute and I love the open/close method with the lid!

Removable Wallpaper – This peel and stick wallpaper is Genius! I love this idea to add some much needed style to a very bland dorm room. When it’s time for her to move out, she can just peel it off, and no one will ever know it was there!

Pink Velvet Hangers – I’m in love with these. These actually make it more fun to hang up your clothes. They are super thin so you can fit more hangers in your closet. And, the velvet keeps the clothes from sliding off the hanger!

Customized Laundry Bag – This bag is super cool for taking her clothes to the dorm’s laundry mat. You can embroidered her name or nickname on it too! The outside pockets are a very cool feature that hold the laundry detergent and dryer sheets!

Pink Coffee Pot – Depending on your daughter’s coffee needs, this could be a lifesaver for her. Whether she’s pulling an all-nighter or simply wants a cup of coffee without having to walk all the way to the food hall, this is so perfect. It makes coffee from both grounds and Keurig cups!

27 Piece Dorm Room Set – If you are short on time and don’t want to spend a bunch of time shopping for everything on your list, this set might be perfect for your needs!

Handheld Vacuum – Messes will happen, and this little cutie vacuum is such a lifesaver when they do.

Closet Storage Bins – These bins are a great way to store out of season clothes, fancy dresses, and basically anything she doesn’t need right away.

White Rolling Storage Caddy – This is the perfect mulit-use piece for her dorm. She can store her make-up, hair stuff, books, plants, food, socks, you name it. This is great for extra storage, and since it’s on wheels, she can move it around when she needs more space.

Clothes Steamer – Speaking of cute, this little guy will be a lifesaver for all the times she gets a last minute dinner or birthday party invitation.

Pink Fan – When you live in the dorms, you can never have enough fans. Whether she’s trying to air out a smelly roommate, or sleep better, this fan is awesome! In my opinion, fans are always a good choice, especially ones that don’t take up floor space. This fan comes in multiple colors too!

Pink Robe – This is a need! Not only will it keep her warm in the drafty dorm halls, but it’s a great way to be modest going to and from the showers.

Lighted Mirror – Mirror space is a coveted thing in the dorms. I love this mirror for a few reasons, but mostly because it offers the freedom to get ready in the privacy of her room without having to stand in the public bathroom to get ready. The lighted feature allows her to be a considerate roommate and still get ready -without needing to turn the light on in the room (in case her roommate is still asleep).

Pink Towels – These get great ratings for being super absorbent, yet, fast drying. This is super helpful to avoid the milduey (is that even a word?) towel smell. The fast drying feature will be handy since she’ll probably be hanging her towel on her closet door, near a bunch of other things that she won’t want to get wet.

Power Strip – I think she’ll probably need a couple of these. One for her desk area, and one near her bed to charge devices, a fan, a light for her bed, etc. This is especially helpful if she is on the top bunk.

Laptop Bed Tray/ Portable Desk – This thing is awesome! My sis and brother in law both love them for working from home! You can put it on top of a desk to create a stand-up desk situation, or put it on the bed and angle it so you can literally work from wherever and have a good posture doing it.

Additional things I highly recommend…

Below are some other items that I totally suggest getting. Here’s the link to my Amazon List for all things related to dorm room and dorm life for Girls!

If she doesn’t already have a laptop, she’ll need a good one to help her take notes in class and do homework anywhere.

Space is super limited in the dorm rooms, it’s a lot like tiny house living, so the best way to fit everything it to build up not out, and pack it with smart storage options. Think, shelves on the desk, removable plastic hooks to hang photos, hats, or a purse. Anything to free up the valuable floor space is super helpful!

A multipurpose shoe rack over the back of the closet door is a great idea. So is a hanging mirror, a hanging cubby shelf in the closet for sweaters, shoes, etc. Be sure to get extra hooks for the door for her robe and towel.

A plastic tote for her shower essentials is a MUST, so are those shower shoes to make sure she doesn’t get athletes foot, etc. She’ll also need a fresh supply of toiletries.

To ensure she gets the best night of sleep, she’ll need ear plugs, sound machine, essential oil diffuser, and extra fans, and a mattress topper.

If there’s room for a mini fridge, microwave or air fryer, and a coffee pot, these will serve her well! I’d also suggest paper towels, glass cleaner, and sanitizing wipes – they will get used often.

A good zinc sunscreen, hat, and water holder will help keep her hydrated and somewhat protected from the sun, and a reliable backpack is a must!

For safety, I’d advise a lock box or safe for her valuables, mace or pepper spray, and a flashlight for late nights walking across campus in the dark.

Some campuses allow scooters, those are super handy for trying to get to class on time, and they fold up and she can just slide it under your desk/chair in class.


What do you think? Did I miss anything? What else would you include? Next up, I’m tackling the guys dorm needs, stay tuned!

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