My Shortlist: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Hubby

This list has “mature” Valentine’s Day Gifts. Rated “M” for married eyes only. You have been warned…

As I mentioned in a previous blog, and as I often do on Instagram, we have 16 yr. old and 20 yr. old sons. We are close. They (and their friends) subscribe to my and my hubster’s social accounts, so, we don’t necessarily want to share all the intimate suggestions on those sites, but, lucky for you, I will here.

Here are some really fun gifts to buy your husband this Valentine’s Day.

My Top 8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

You might be thinking to yourself, eight? Why eight? Why not 10? Well, because I loved these eight items, and my grandma just died, and I need to pack to go to her funeral, but first, I wanted to share these items. So for now, yep, it’s my top 8 list. Sorry about the tangent, but I guess it’s better to keep it real, right? Gosh I hope so. So, without any more tangents, here is my top eight Valentine’s Day Gift list; I hope you love it!

#1 Personalized Wooden Watch

This watch is stylish, not too fussy, and personalized. Although we tell our men (all the time) how much we love them, they can be just as hard on themselves as we are on ourselves. Little reminders like this are needed and it may mean more to him that he ever lets on…

#2 Personalized Key Chain Love Note

Your husband may or may not like something like this, but it’s worth a shot. You might look up an ETSY seller to see if you could customize one and put a flirty note on it instead. Guys want to be seduced by their wives. They want to know that they are valued, respected, and loved. I think we women tend to err on the side of telling our husbands that we love them, because that’s what we want to hear. We don’t tend to think “I respect you” is a loving and romantic term, but our husbands do. So if you go the personalized route, I suggest something sweet like this (because your husband wants to know that you love him and he needs reminders like this to balance out the voice in his head that is constantly telling him he isn’t good enough as a man).

#3 Personalized Docking Station

I love this. I think most men like to have a space for stuff, and I think this cool wooden station would be loved and appreciated by many husbands.

#4 Personalized Collar Stays

I think these are pretty awesome! They come either gold or silver plated (on the back side) and you can customize your message. My suggestion, make your message as steamy as possible! Make it something you would be totally mortified if the kids ever found them, but something that will give your husband something to think about all day long…

#5 Sexy Men’s Undies

Because, why not? These super sexy undies will give you and your husband a good chuckle, and you might even like them. They get good reviews and I think you should try them. Life is too short to not have fun with your hubby; undies like these are a good way to kick up the sexiness factor quite a bit. Or get you two laughing again. Either way, it’s a win. Both are needed for an awesome marriage. 🙂

#6 Red Lace Plunge Teddy

Lingerie is for you to wear, yes, but when you feel sexy and flirty, it’s really a gift to your husband as well. Especially when he sees you in this beauty. This lace teddy with an extremely low v-neck line is super fabulous, and right now it’s on sale for $24! I highly recommend this one.

#7 Halter Neck Lace Bra Set

I think it’s fun to have a variety of lingerie that you wear and feel beautiful in. These look gorgeous. 🙂

#8 Silky Cami/Short Set

Some women may think that the lingerie options #6 & #7 are too crazy for them, and that’s totally fine. I just wanted to give examples of things that I thought would look flattering. You need to do what you feel you should do. This cami & short set is super cute and easier for someone who is trying to feel sexy, but isn’t quite comfortable with the previous two options. Although, I find that once you step out of your comfort zone a bit, you find that you can be quite comfortable in a lot of zones. 😉 You may want to order this set AND one of the previous sets. You just might shock yourself with how sexy and beautiful you feel.

The thing that I always have a hard time with, if I can be honest here, is that I don’t feel sexy. My husband says I am, and to this day I have no idea why, but I am soooooo glad he thinks this about me (and that he tells me).

I could deep dive into the psyche of a woman and how she is sexy to her husband and how it’s not based on your clothing size, and how even when you don’t feel sexy, it’s good to give your man sex and love, but I will save that for another post. In the meantime, I bet your husband would LOVE it if you took a step to initiate sex and purchased one or all of the above lingerie and underwear sets.

If you are unsure what to get your husband, might I suggest you buy one of the personalized items AND one of the sexier items? Just a thought. 🙂

Or you could always just buy him this grill set. Guys like to grill, right?

On a totally random side note, this could be a cool gift for your son.

What do you think? Would your husband like any of these? Do you like any of them?

Until next time, invest in your marriage and you will find contentment will be close to follow.