Best Valentines Gifts for Your Spouse (For Less Than $20)

The Date Night Challengers… (Details below) 🙂

EPISODE 4: Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Spouse (Under $20)

I picked out two gifts ideas that a wife can buy her hubby. Jon picked out two gift ideas that a husband can buy his wife.

We added some restrictions – It must be $20 or less, and must be able to buy from Amazon.

We each came up with two VDay gift ideas, and are asking you to vote in our Instagram stories for who you think picked better ideas!

My Gift Ideas:

1. Silky Boxers:
Buy your hubby some fun, sexy undies. They get good reviews, and if anything, you guys will get some laughs, so these are a WIN, WIN in my book.

2. Personalized Beard Comb:
For all the wives that have a bearded hubby, this one is for you! You can buy the comb here.

Jon’s Ideas:

1. Babydoll Lingerie:
Something cute, flirty and totally Valentine’s Day-worthy. You can buy it here. (Notice I don’t have a full image here… We have 16 yr old and 20 yr old sons, they follow us, and so do all their friends, so we try to keep our posts pretty tame to protect their innocence).

2. Personalized Mug:
You could obviously find a cute mug like this for much cheaper at Target, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx for much cheaper, I think my hubster was going for the sentiment (and it needed to be available for purchase on Amazon in order for it to count in this contest. Such a sweet idea. He bought me a mug like this for those times when he is at work and I am missing him like crazy, just to remind me how much he loves me. So sweet. 🙂 You can buy the mug here.

Head over to Instagram to VOTE (In my stories) for whoever you think had the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for their spouse.
Whoever gets the most votes, gets a prize.

The Winner will be announced Sunday.

IF JON WINS: I give him a back massage and fold his laundry.

IF I WIN: Jon helps me haul loads of pea gravel to our backyard for our outdoor dining room area! I am trying to get the backyard landscaping finished by my 40th birthday (It’s in April).

So please, please, please VOTE FOR ME! 🙂

Why are we doing this every week? To be intentional about prioritizing each other’s needs, our marriage, romance, and hoping it encourages you to do the same thing.

Until next week, happy dating! Share below what you got your hubby for Valentines Day, it’s okay, I am sure he isn’t also reading my blog. 🙂

**Just a note about searching for gifts like these, use caution, you never know what images might appear. We promise to do everything on our end to make your purchases for romantic attire as safe as possible.