Why You Might Not Be “Blooming” Right Now

When you aren’t blooming like you think you should, take a step back to evaluate…

1. Do you have the right environment for the flowers to bloom?
This may sound like a weird question, but follow along with me on this plant metaphor for a sec. If you want healthy, gorgeous flowers, you need to water, prune, fertilize, and so much more. The prettiest flowers need more than just the basics of water and sun. They need healthy food, sun, protection from bugs, and they need to be surrounded by amazingly nutrient-rich soil, and they need to be regularly maintained.

I remember when we had to uproot and replant our ficus hedge to avoid a water line (per the city), it was a nightmare to say the least. We dug up and re-planted 40 mature hedge trees in the hottest part of the summer. I gave them water and fertilizer, but that wasn’t enough. They immediately started wilting. After doing more research, I found that there have been studies done that showed that replanted have a higher success rate if you played Mozart around the plants. As crazy as it sounded, every day I was piping Mozart into our front yard, just for my plants. I also read that if you breathe on them they do better too (that’s why the experts say to talk to your plants- it’s your breath that helps them). Just a little interesting factoid for you. 🙂

Maybe you aren’t blooming because you haven’t taken the time to cultivate yourself and develop your God-given talents. Maybe you aren’t blooming because you aren’t surrounding yourself with the right people, thoughts, etc. Try reading the Bible more, going to church, listening to worship songs, and seek out godly women who can offer some guidance for your journey.

2. Is it the right season for the flowers to bloom?
Flowers don’t bloom all year long, they have a dormant period where they are gathering all the nutrients they need to be able to bloom when it’s their time. Maybe you aren’t blooming because you are in a season of learning and growth. Seek out wisdom during this time. Protect your time alone, time with God, and time of reflection and build it into every day.

3. Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.
For the most part, flowers like this picture above, grow up towards the sun. If it is your season to bloom, look to God more than you look at others. Don’t compare your petals to another person’s. You are beautiful and talented in your own way, that’s how God made you, but you will miss it if you spend your time wishing you had someone else’s talents and beauty.
Gorgeous flowers are never an accident, but always by design. Where are you “planted” and how can you “bloom” there today? Love you, friends and I am on this journey with you!