What’s the Best Way to Show Your Wife That You Love Her?


What’s the best way a husband can show his wife that he loves her?

In this article, my hubby, Jon, and I will share our thoughts. Leave a comment to share which idea  you like best. Better yet, if you have another idea, share that too.

Lindsey says: He should ask her how she wants to be loved. Most people show love the way they want to receive love, so they could totally be missing the boat on how to best love their spouse.

Also, planning goes a long way. When your hubby schedules (and keeps) time for date nights, talking, romance, sex, sleep, etc., it makes a wife feel loved and valued. ?

Jon says: You have to know what makes your wife happy and what makes her feel loved to be able to deliver. You might also consider what she doesn’t love, since those can steal from the joy you’re trying to bring her.

For instance, Lindsey doesn’t like spending a lot of money on things, so I have to be careful most of the time.

But she loves personalized gifts, things that require thoughtfulness (and time). She also loves nachos, molten lava cake, Reese’s peanut butter cups, surprises, peonies, 1-on-1 time, and very nice, large hotel rooms.

So if it were me, I could pick one or all of those things to show her how much I love her. I’d have to Groupon the hotel to show her I planned and saved money, but the goal is to see her smile because she knows I made her my priority. That’s what Valentine’s Day (and frankly, marriage) is all about.

Until our next date night…