How Does a Guy Know When He Finds True Love?

How do you know when you have found the one you want to marry?

This notion, that God can bring two people together, intertwine their lives, make their paths connect in such a way that leads them to believe that this is the person they have spent their days dreaming and praying for… can it be true or is it only something that exists in Hallmark movies?

Can love, real love, the kind that is selfless, giving, and sincere, really exist? And if it does exist, how do you meet that person? And when you meet that person, how do you know when that’s “the one?” These are question that boggle singles everywhere, and it still intrigues me today. Well, if you have asked yourself one of these questions in the past, then perhaps you will enjoy this quick read that highlights several men and how they knew when they found “the one.”

After the majority of older singles decided that it might not be in their best interest to “kiss dating goodbye” they started keeping their eyes and hearts open to what God might be doing. When this happens, there is no telling what will happen…

Bottom line, God can introduce you to your future spouse in a variety of ways, your job is to obey Him and His calling on your life, and keep your eyes open to what He is doing…
Don’t limit how or when God can introduce you to your future husband. If you are open to whom and what God has planned for you, then maybe one day soon you too will have a guy telling the story about how he knew YOU were the one.

I knew by the third date she was a keeper, but also knew we needed time for our relationship to season a bit. After about ten months or so, she questioned the future of our relationship and where I saw it going. It was at that very moment God prompted me to propose. We have been happily married for more than 9 years. We have two kids and a third on the way. She is my very own angel, and I thank God for her every day.

Sylvia was a gym bet… that I won. She always has been the most attractive woman in the gym. For six months I watched her turn away many of my fellow “gym rats” so I decided to go with a very soft approach. A smile here, a hello there but never engaging. Over time she warmed up to me with small talk. After six months I zeroed in and bet the gym manager that I would get her phone number. He knew every other guy got rejected so it was on. When I finally got her number, I had her write it on the manager’s business card. Not only was Sylvia HOT, but she loved hot food too! What more could a guy ask for? All kidding aside, it was immediate; I just knew she was the ONE. Sylvia loves the outdoors, loves adventure, she is incredibly interesting, and I am still finding more and more things that I love about her. Our first date was more than 21 years ago. s patient, love is kind love is patient, love is 

I don’t know what sealed the deal, but the fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous was a good start. That she prays daily for me and God answers her prayers was a huge clue. She has a knack for clearly communicating what she’s thinking, and yet trusts me to make decisions for us… that is amazing. But I think the kicker is that she is so loving, quick to forgive when I fall short, and works hard with me to get us where we want to be, it’s those little things that remind me that I made the right decision. I’m a lucky guy, she’s beautiful inside and out.

She can cook!

When I felt like I wanted to seek God because of her and I felt more like a man when I was around her.

I met my bride by “accident” one day while she was avoiding a former boyfriend. We decided to sit together at church the following day and had our first “date” after services while enjoying lunch at Subway. It was during that first date that we decided to get married. Ten months later we were married. That was more than twenty years ago!

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