My Laundry Room Makeover Inspiration

My goal for my laundry room was to make it so lovely, that I actually would like to spend more time in there. It sounds like a lofty goal, but what can I say, I am a dreamer. You definitely would think I was dreaming if you saw what my laundry room looked like before I started my mini-renovation. (click here)

When I began my search for inspiration, I didn’t find more than two or three laundry rooms that I wanted to emulate, so I turned to other rooms and spaces for my inspiration. Now, there are so many more beautiful laundry rooms that inspire me to make mine beautiful, so I wanted to share with you some of the spaces that inspired my laundry room reno. Some of these spaces are not attainable with my $200 laundry room makeover budget, but it doesn’t hurt to look.

I LOVE the blue + black combo in here with the serene white counters, fun decorative tile, and of course, I LOVE the gold accents!

Style at Home I Ashley Capp

I looked at a lot of different floor tile patterns that I could make myself so I wouldn’t have to buy a template for $45, so when I saw this kitchen with the awesome black and white patterned floor tiles, I knew I could paint my linoleum tile to make it look like this. In the end, I ended up using an old plastic school folder for my template. Suhhweet! But seriously, this kitchen is awesome.

I have seen this bathroom image floating around Pinterest forever, and I just never got tired of it, that’s when I knew I needed to do something in my laundry room to somehow channel this beautiful bathroom. I LOVED this floor tile, but I thought it would be too hard to make my own template, but I could seriously spend a lot of time in this bathroom, just thinking and planning designs.

Desire to Inspire I Katie Martinez

I also loved this tile too. This would look so great in a laundry room.


I loved how peaceful this bathroom seemed. The white curtains really softened the room, something I knew I would need for the laundry room. I couldn’t decide if I should paint anything black in my laundry room (for fear of making it seem tiny), so when I saw the white in here, it felt cozy. And I thought the floors really popped with the white space.

Room For Tuesday

This one also looks great with a fun tile, long curtains, white bathtub, I thought this was a good match for what I was going for in my laundry room.

Sugar and Charm

Let me know which ones you love below! Thanks for checking out what inspired me to renovate my laundry room. Stay tuned for my mini laundry room reveal coming soon.