Friday Faves: Mother’s Day gift ideas

The gifts you get your mom and wife should always be personalized to what they like or have been asking for. One example of this is when my hubby bought me the best gift ever, and it was a compound miter saw. It was something I had wanted for at least three years, and I think I cried the day I got it. So whatever you get your wife or mom should be something they would love, not something you think they need. See my caution note at the bottom in case you are wondering about a certain gift you are considering.

Without further ado, my fun suggestions for your wife or mom for Mother’s Day!

These socks are great for pilates/yoga and much more. I would love these for when I use my pilates reformer machine.

This pilates reformer machine is love for me. I bought mine used a few years ago off of craigslist for $60, so keep an eye out for a used one and you’ll save a fortune!

A lot of moms hold stress in their jaw and neck, this neck “pillow” looks like it could help ease the tension. I haven’t tried it, but I totally would.

I love this sweater and bought it in a large size, it runs small.

This recumbent bike kicks my bootie when I need a good cardio workout.

I love this massage table that I also picked up from craigslist for $60 years ago. It’s the easiest and most comfortable way to both get and give a massage. Totally worth it, and can be used later for romantic date nights!

These slippers look very chic and comfortable.

I would totally rock this cute t-shirt.

This cozy long-sleeve shirt is my jam.

For any mom who grew up in the 80’s or loving the 80’s, I totally love this movie!

This movie makes me laugh and cry every time! It’s a must see on Mother’s Day.

If my kids bought this book and filled it out for me, I probably would keep it forever.

Other fun ideas, a gift card to her favorite store, a gift basket with a few of her favorite things, making her favorite breakfast in bed, and sweet card, flowers from Costco or Trader Joes, Godiva chocolate. If you really want to pamper your wife, get her a weekend at a luxury hotel, away from the kids, and either go with her, let her go alone, or with friends – but let her decide. Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, like letting her sleep in, cleaning the house and doing laundry for her, or paying someone to come to the house and do those things for her.

Spend the time now studying your wife, asking questions, listening to what she’s saying she needs even if she’s not overt about it, then surprise her with something that really shows that you heard her and you care.

***Just in case this needs to be said, don’t buy your wife workout gear unless she asks for it. Otherwise, she might think you are trying to tell her that she needs to get in shape.

Got any other great gift ideas, leave a comment below! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, you’re doing a great job – even when it doesn’t feel like it- and God is using you to bless your kiddos. Don’t give up, and try giving yourself a bit more grace each day.

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