Fashionable Leopard Finds: Belts, Earrings & More!

If you follow any fashion influencers on Instagram, you know leopard print everything is totally in right now. It’s actually always in for me since I tend to gravitate towards Hollywood/Parisian glam fashion and decor, so after buying a few really cute items, I just had to share.

Because all of these items can be purchased on Amazon Prime, you can stay on trend with the latest fashions without breaking the bank. And if you know me, you know that’s how I roll. 🙂

shorts // earrings // dress // belt // shirt // pillow

For me, fall attire includes dresses, sandals, and an occasional jacket. September is our hottest month in San Diego, so although the sweaters and heavy coats look awesome, I am still running the AC day and night to keep myself from over-heating. No exaggeration here. I am working my buns off trying to get our place organized after renovating the garage into a dorm room for our two “adulting” college-age sons, and now the rest of our house looks like we just moved (um, we totally did). Any who, sorry for the tangent, but I totally think you will love these cute leopard print items.

I wear the belt with anything and everything, it’s seriously so versatile. I love that it’s kind of a dupe to the chanel belts. It’s very classy and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

These earrings I bought for a couple friends and I to share at our girls night/slumber party! I can’t get over how much I love them, and literally you get 4 pairs of earrings for less than $9! That’s so cool to me. 🙂

I bought these shorts to just hang around the house, workout in, sleep in, and I have to tell you that these babies are ultra soft, like butta soft. No joke, you will want these.

I put this leopard dress into my amazon cart,before I went out of town, and my hubby surprised me by buying it before I got back in town. So sweet of him. As soon as I tried it on, my hubby was like, “You have to keep this dress. You look soooo good in this dress!” So, I guess that settles it.

I haven’t purchased this top yet, but I am loving it nevertheless. I like a good flowy, but not too over-sized blouse, and this one has really great photos online. I think it’s definitely worth a try.

As for the pillow, I thinks it’s fun to add a bit of “WOW” to your space, and this pillow would be a great pillow for a desk chair, crafting chair, etc. Anywhere that you sit often but need a little extra support, I think this gem would help.

And that’s it. All of these pieces are less than $27. The dress is the most expensive, then the blouse, but on average, everything is less than $12. Any time certain looks/styles are trending I buy a couple things and make sure I don’t spend a fortune. I would rather pay more for the timeless pieces that I will wear for several seasons, than spend tons of money on something I will probably only wear one or two seasons.

Happy shopping! If you have any leopard print must haves on your list, I would love to hear about them!

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