My Top 20 Favorite Christmas Movies

My Top 20 Christmas Movies list is finally here and I am happy to share it with you. In my home, the day after Thanksgiving is fair game for all things Christmassy and the way we commence the season is by watching a Christmas movie. Life is busy and there is always an abundance of things to do, dreams to pursue, and friends to meet, but it’s important to slow down and unwind with your family, especially during the Christmas season. Watching a Christmas movie is an easy and affordable way for families to have quality time together. Since our time is so valuable, it would be a shame to waste it watching a bad Christmas movie. There are few things that I hate more than watching a bad movie then feeling like I just wasted two hours of my life. I don’t like wasting my time and I am sure you don’t either. In hopes of growing the Christmas spirit and avoiding movie travesties, I have compiled my favorite Christmas movies list just for you. These movies are officially Lindsey tested and elf approved, or something like that.

My Top 7 Favorite Family Christmas Movies

1. Elf – If you want a good laugh and a lot of Christmas spirit, this is the movie to Watch. This is the story of the journey of a human -who was raised in the North Pole- who once he finds out he is not an elf, tries to connect with his birth father. This movie is well casted starring the personalities of: Will FerrellJames CaanBob NewhartMary Steenburgen, and Zooey Deschanel.

2. White Christmas – After Phil Davis, saves Bob Wallace’s life during WWII, Phil finds creative ways to get the favor returned. Laugh and sing as you watch the matchmaking skills of Phil Davis take unexpected turns for the sake of helping Bob find love. Enjoy the fun cast of personalities: Bing CrosbyDanny KayeRosemary ClooneyVera-Ellen, and Dean Jagger.

3. The Santa Clause – This is a story about a divorced dad who doesn’t have a good relationship with his son, until he mistakenly becomes Santa Claus and realizes how important it is to have quality time with his son. You will be whisked away to the North Pole and back as you watch Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, become the new Santa Claus. The other great cast members are: Tim AllenJudge ReinholdWendy Crewson.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – This is a magical story about how a family of four children discover another world, Narnia, through a wardrobe. A witch who makes it always winter but never Christmas has ruled Narnia for centuries, but all of that is about to change. The battle of good versus evil permeates through this new world, as Aslan, the head of this world, mounts an attack to permanently end the reign of the witch. The star cast line-up includes: Tilda SwintonGeorgie HenleyWilliam MoseleySkandar Keynes, and Anna Popplewell.

5. Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer or The Year Without a Santa Claus – These two movies are stop-motion animated films created in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. These are old-time favorites in our house as they allow you to journey to the North Pole and beyond to see what it was like to be an elf, a reindeer, or even Santa Claus. The cast for these movies include: Shirley BoothMickey RooneyDick ShawnBillie Mae RichardsBurl Ives, and Paul Soles.

6. Home Alone – An 8-year old troublemaker accidentally gets left home alone during Christmas vacation and he single-handedly protects his home from a pair of serial burglars. The kiddos usually love this one, although there are a couple swear words in this movie, those scenes can easily be muted so your entire family can enjoy the hilarity of the rest of the movie. Actors include: Macaulay CulkinJoe PesciDaniel Stern, to name a few. *Warning, there are swear words and bratty behavior in this so I recommend screening it before showing it to the kiddos so you know where to mute or skip.

7. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – A year after Kevin was left home alone during Christmas vacation, he mistakenly takes an airplane to New York instead of Florida and finds himself running from the same burglars who tried to break into his house a year earlier. Cast members include: Macaulay CulkinJoe Pesci, and Daniel Stern. *Warning, there are swear words and bratty behavior in this so I recommend screening it before showing it to the kiddos so you know where to mute or skip.

*For more family movie options, check out my Top10 Family Christmas Movies.

My Top 3 Favorite Date Night Christmas Movies

1. The Holiday – Two women who find themselves suddenly single during the Christmas holiday decide to do a house swap and travel across the globe in hopes of masking their love pains. Their stories takes a twist when they get another chance at love. This movie was well cast highlighting: Kate WinsletCameron DiazJude Law, and Jack Black.

2. Sleepless in Seattle – A new widower, Sam, and his young son move to another state after the loss of their wife/mom. On Christmas Eve, the son decides he needs to help his dad find a new wife and calls an on-air doctor to see if she can help. Single women from around the U.S. call or write the doctor to find the widower to pursue a relationship with him. One woman, Annie wrote a letter to Sam in hopes of meeting him and putting to rest her feelings for a man she has never met. The talented cast in this film includes: Tom HanksMeg RyanRoss Malinger, and Victor Garber.

3. While You Were Sleeping – A train station clerk, Lucy, falls in love with a man she sees every day, Peter, and saves his life after he gets pushed onto the train tracks and slips into a coma. While Peter is in a coma his family mistakingly thinks that Lucy is his fiancé. The drama unravels as Peter wakes from his coma. The cast includes: Sandra BullockBill Pullman, and Peter Gallagher.

My Top 10 Hallmark Christmas Movies

1. A Royal Christmas – When her yearlong boyfriend asks her to come home with him for Christmas, she learns that he is a prince. The stars include: Lacey ChabertStephen Hagan, Jane SeymourSimon Dutton, and Katherine Flynn.

2. A Very Merry Mix-Up – Alice’s fiancé proposes a few days before Christmas and they decided to surprise his parents by bringing her home to meet them for the first time during Christmas break. Much to Alice’s surprise, her in-laws are not who she thought they would be. The cast includes: Alicia WittMark Wiebe, and Lawrence Dane.

3. Snow Bride – A gossip magazine reporter is trying to land a promotion and the inside scoop on a well to do family, but the scoop she finds isn’t what she thought it would be. The well cast of actors include: Katrina LawJordan BelfiPatricia RichardsonSusie AbromeitRobert Curtis Brown, and Bobby Campo.

4. Matchmaker Santa – A Christmas journey takes a twist when Santa helps fulfill a Christmas wish made by a girl twenty years ago. The star performers are: Lacey ChabertFlorence HendersonJohn RatzenbergerAdam Mayfield, and Thad Luckinbill.

5. Ice Sculpture Christmas – A chef trying to make a name for herself in her new job immediately finds herself pitted again the head chef in an ice sculpture competition. Carving ice is cake compared to fitting in with her fellow staff members and a jealous sous chef. The delightful cast members include: David AlpayRachel BostonKwesi AmeyawBrenda Strong, and Paul McGillion.

6. Mr. Miracle – An angel is sent down to earth to help a family and he quickly discovers that it is not going to be as easy as he thought it would be. The hilariously entertaining cast includes: Kendra AndersonCandus Churchill, and Andrew Francis.

7. Window Wonderland – Two designers compete for the head designer position in an upscale retail store as they hope to impress the boss with their elaborate Christmas window displays. The movie takes a twist when secrets are revealed and people aren’t who they pretended to be. The fun cast for this movie includes: Chyler LeighPaul Campbell, and Naomi Judd.

8. The Best Christmas Party Ever – A party planner’s coveted promotion unexpectedly goes to the CEO’s grandson. Instead of quitting she resolves to work alongside the newbie and show him how they plan successful parties. In the end, more than a few people learned a few lessons along the way. There was a great cast of people that made this movie enjoyable: Torrey DeVitto,  Steve Lund, and Linda Thorson.

9. Help for the Holidays – When one of Santa’s elves is sent to earth to help remind a family of the importance of being together during the Christmas season, she learns more about how humans love. The cast stars are: Summer GlauEva LaRueJohn Brotherton, and Dan Gauthier.

10. Mrs. Miracle – A widower is struggling to balance caring for his twin boys and running his company. “Mrs. Miracle” as the twins call her, is in town long enough to remind everyone about the importance of family and forgiveness. Actors include: James Van Der BeekErin Karpluk, and Doris Roberts.

*Just a note about my movie suggestions: I am pretty conservative, and so are my movie suggestions, nevertheless, depending on the ages of your children, you may want to check out the Plugged In reviews for these movies first, as a precaution. The Date Night Christmas movies are rated PG and PG-13. Because they have scenes with sexual content, I do not recommend these for the whole family unless you first screen the movie to see which sections you need to skip. Also, the Hallmark Christmas movies generally have a couple scenes where the couple kisses each other, but other than that, I have been pleasantly surprised by how decent Hallmark has kept their movies. I think the Hallmark movies are a fun way to watch more Christmas movies with your tweens and teens (and even some of the younger kiddos) without having to worry about fast-forwarding scenes. I have noticed that in some of the Hallmark movies, the main couple will spend the night together because they were snowed in or something. When scenes like this happen, I think it’s good to use those opportunities to talk with my boys about why their dad and I believe that they shouldn’t spend the night with a girl and we discuss the importance of having good relationship boundaries.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that I missed? Please comment below so I can check it out.

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