How to Host The Easiest Christmas Party Ever

A lot of people get overwhelmed by the idea of hosting a Christmas party, but I am about to tell you how you can host the easiest Christmas party ever! Here is an easy, step-by-step tutorial on how to host a fun, stress-free Christmas party. And it’s so fun and easy, you will want to do it every year!

The Keys to Hosting the Best (and Easiest) Christmas Party

Start with Gingerbread Houses

Invite a small group of friends and family, group a couple of tables together, and get ready to have some fun. Ask everyone to bring their own gingerbread house kits. As the host, you can buy a few extra fun candies that will serve as extra decorations for the gingerbread houses. Some ideas include the green and red bags of M&M’s, a box or two of little candy canes, or even throw in some Hot Tamales from Target and you are set!

Of course, many things go without saying, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll mention them here:

  1. Host the party during the month of December, but not on Christmas
  2. Have your tree and any other Christmas decorations up prior to the party, and
  3. Invite fun people

These are intuitive, right? Okay, now that we have those down, here are the final steps:

Grab Yourself an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yep, that’s right, I love incorporating ugly Christmas sweaters into every casual Christmas party. Why get a sweater like this? Because it’s fun and it’s Christmassy, and that’s all that really counts when you are picking out your semi-casual outfit for a Christmas party. H&M is a great place to start when looking for an ugly sweater. If you’re ready to jump in now, start your search here. (Here are some examples… I love these!)

Lindsey Graves | Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | EntrepreneurLindsey Graves | Rockstar Mom | Interior Designer | Relationship Expert | Entrepreneur

Play Games and Have Fun

Games make every party more fun! I tend to give prizes for Best Dressed and Best Gingerbread House. You can also play a Christmas trivia game and give out prizes to people who guess the most correct answers. Here’s a Christmas trivia game  with the answers included; you could use this as your master copy and read the questions aloud to your guest. Fun places to get prizes are The Dollar Store; thrift stores usually have hilariously old ornaments that always make me laugh; or peruse the clearance section of your favorite Christmas store. I love to give people santa hats, holiday socks, ornaments, cookies, and the like. Mix it up and get creative.

Play Christmas Music or a Christmas Movie

Playing Christmas music in the background or looping a fun family-friendly Christmas movie will take your holiday ambiance to the next level. Some of my favorite family-friendly Christmas movies are ELF and White Christmas. If you want to earn the Hostess of the Year award, give your guests some hot cocoa and cookies! Here’s a recipe for healthier hot cocoa, and if you don’t have time or aren’t really into baking, you can always opt for this type of Christmas cookie. If you like baking and need a good gluten free cookie recipe, click here.

And there you have it! Now get those invites out and buy yourself a gingerbread house kit and you are set! Let me know if you have any other easy party planning tips and let me know how your party goes. Merry Christmas to all!

*Featured image courtesy of Sweetopia.

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