6 Tips on Designing a Formal Beach Inspired Bedroom

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Are you in love with the beach but don’t feel like decorating your room with grass skirts and driftwood? Well, you are not alone.

I happen to really love the beach… It just has a way of reminding me that God is in control and I am not.

Although the ocean is my happy place, I am not inclined to bring the smell of the sea lions and kelp, nor the look of “vintage” styled furniture to my bedroom. That just doesn’t seem like it would be the foundation of a relaxing environment.

The bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, and for married couples, I am of the belief that it should also be a romantic environment.

beach inspired bedroom design

When I think of romance and spas, I remember clean, crisp white bedding, white robes, clean rooms, simple color palettes, and the smell of eucalyptus. There is just something serene about a clean room, and elegant accessories. To accomplish this look in a beach inspired room, there are several tips that can help you accomplish this look without your bedroom looking like a college dorm room.

How to Design a Formal Beach Inspired Bedroom

1. Add a hint of the ocean with neutral colored accessories.

The white coral shaped lamp is an ode to the wonders of the ocean, but elegant and versatile enough to blend in with a formal bedroom.

2. Accent pillows with ocean art is an inexpensive way to incorporate the beachy theme.

If you want a literal translation of your theme, do so in something that you can easily replace if at some point you decide to change your bedroom design. Notice that the pillow are in the same color family as the rug, by matching the accessories, it creates a more relaxing environment.

3. Keep the bedding cream or white to add elegance and simplicity.

By keeping the bed frame and bedding in a white or cream color palette, it exudes luxury and cleanliness. They are also easy to keep clean and they don’t fade. If you want to add a pop of color to the bedding, try the accent pillows and a throw that are in the same color family.

4. Choose elegant furnishings that have metallic elements.

Night stands, side tables, Parisian styled dressers all add blend well with the formal beach theme because they are colors that can be found at the beach. The glittery gold colors found in the sandy beaches in Coronado can be represented by the metallic furniture. The lighter colored, white washed wooden side table mirrors the colors of the sand as the waves wash away from it.

5. Pick artwork that captures your passion, emotion, or the overall feeling that you want to accomplish in your bedroom.

The artwork should be bigger rather than smaller. If you can only afford one art piece in your room, make it large and make it count. Center this piece over your headboard or center it on the wall that your bed faces so you can enjoy the view.

6. Incorporate a rug that ties the color theme in the room together.

The rug is supposed to be the piece that ties everything in the room together. This rug looks like a seascape so it works perfectly. Be sure to buy a rug big enough to go under your bed -toward the foot of the bed. I usually recommend at least a 5’x8′ rug to go under a queen-sized bed. You want at least a foot (bare minimum) on each side; more is ideal.

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