Valentine's Day Date Outfits

date to nightPicking out the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit can be impossible… until now. Pull from the blush, gold, and nude color schemes, add a little bling, and your perfect date outfit is now your perfect look.

Try out one of these romantic looks this Valentine’s Day, and your sweetheart is sure to be “sweet on you.”

Valentine’s Day Date Outfits

Here are some quick and easy shopping tips so you can pick out the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

#1 Pick clothing that compliments your figure. 

If you are busty and have great legs, go for a fitted A-frame dress that highlights your bust and legs. If you have less than toned arms, wear a cute cardigan with your dress. So simple, just make sure you are keeping your body in mind when you shop, not anyone else’s body.

#2 Pick clothing that fits you the best.

Don’t look at the size, look at the fit. If you look hot in size 10 jeans, wear those. Trying to fit into a size 8 jean will mess up
the sexy look you are going for and create unneeded bulges and creases.

#3 Pick weather appropriate clothing.

If you are going to be walking around a lot, since it is usually pretty chilly in February, make sure you wear warm enough clothes. Wear
or a nice trouser. If your date is trying to surprise you, let him know that you want to make sure you are warm enough, and he might offer
some helpful ideas about attire.

#4 Go for glam.

That’s right. Get a little fancy. Add the bling, try a new updo, add a little sparkle to your eye makeup. I love incorporating gold and
silver into a glam outfit and really any metallic hue can accomplish this. Sequined tops and dresses are fabulous for this type of
occasion. I really love to go for the neutral/blush tones and add gold and glam to those outfits.


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  1. I don’t care for this made up holiday at all! If you love sonemoe why should one day be any more important for showing it than another? I’m 34, I’ve never understood this concept. To me ever day is a day to love the special someone, or no day if you don’t have that person. I got married this year and was informed that it was supposed to have meaning. I’d rather celebrate 3 days later when it’s her birthday,a valid celebration day.

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