Half Updo Tutorial

The way your hair looks and feels is definitely part of what adds to your outfit and overall style!

Whether you are single and getting ready to go on a date, or are married and need to spice things up a bit for your husband, this is a MUST TRY hair style.

Learn fun and stylish new ways to style your hair for every day occasions or for your next hot date. These styling tips were taken directly from The Small Things blog, she offers a lot more tips on everything about product and hair tutorials so check out her website!

This is one of my favorite ways to style my hair, especially when it’s styled curly to begin with.
All you need is a few good bobby pins and hairspray!

1. If your hair doesn’t have any product in it, go ahead and spray a little bit a hairspray all over so it has some “grab.”

2. You can tease at the crown for a little extra lift (see this video for teasing).

3. Begin by sectioning off a small section at the back crown of your head and secure with two bobby pins running parallel.

4. Loosely grab a section on one side of your head and pull it back and over the bobby pins in the center. Essentially, you are covering those first pins so you don’t see a mess of bobby pins it the back.

5. Do the same on the opposite side and cross over the section you just did.
Secure with a pin or two and your done with the half-up part. You can leave it just like this!

6. If you want to continue into an updo, swirl your hair in a circle, hold in place with one hand, and begin adding pins to the circle to hold it in place.
(see those pins in there? If you stick them in perpendicular to your head you won’t see too much of them!)

And there you have it! Perfect simple updo that anyone can do! It helps to have hair approximately shoulder length or longer for the updo part, but anyone with shorter hair can always do the half up! Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

This tutorial was taken from The Small Things Blog. For more information about Kate or her blog, visit her website.

So, what did you think? Did you try it? I would love to hear from you.

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