STD’s and SEX: Women and Locker Room Talk

A couple days ago I was getting ready at the gym just after I finished my workout. The women’s locker room is usually crowed in the morning as everyone is getting for work, but it is NOT normally a place where I overhear conversations about STD’s.

I was jamming so I wouldn’t be late for work and wasn’t paying much attention to anyone around me, until I heard two girls in the changing area next to me talking… and honestly I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; this is how their conversation went:

Girl #1 “Gosh, I really hope I don’t have a f—— STD; that would totally suck.”
Girl #2 “Yeah”

G #1 “I mean, I have been pretty good; it’s not like I am a slut or anything. I have only slept with two guys this year and I usually wait until at least a month before I sleep with him- just to make sure, you know?
G #2 “Yeah”

G #1 “It’s not like I am crazy and have sex with everyone, they were always my boyfriend. Well, last year I did sleep with three guys, that was my big sexual revolution year, and this year only two so far. (FYI, this happened in May of 2011)
G #2 “Can you talk louder I can barely hear you.”
G #2 was in the shower and her friend was blow-drying her hair, but G #1 was already talking so loud the entire locker room could hear her.

G #1 “I just am afraid of what might happen, and I want to make sure I can have babies you know.”
G #2 “Well, depending on the STD, most of them go away with medicine so I don’t worry about them anymore. Before I used to freak out, but now I don’t.”

At this point in their conversation I was thinking, should I say something or offer advice? Should I talk to the girl about why it’s so awesome to wait and how even though you may take a pill that helps the symptoms go away, if the STD is not caught soon enough, you can get cancer, warts, and serious damage can happen without you ever knowing it, until one day you try to have a baby. I kept listening.

G #2 “Do you want to have babies right now?”

G #1 “No, not right now; I don’t know anyone I would want to have kids with.” 
And yet you are having sex with the guy who gave you an STD.

G #2 “Well if you at all thinking about marriage and babies, don’t you think you should start trying to find and date the right kind of guy? I mean, you spend  a lot of time dating these jerks and the whole time you could be meeting a really great guy.”
G #1 “Yeah, you are right…”

At this point I was ready for work and couldn’t eavesdrop any longer without really being late for work, but my heart was broken for this girl. How easily we tell ourselves that we are “not that bad.” Whether you are “only sleeping with 2-3 guys a year”, more or less, we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to “sluts” or prostitutes, we should be comparing ourselves to God and His standard.

I  desire love, not STD’s, a committed man, not a jerk… these are only some of the reasons I have chosen to trust God with my relationships and sex life. His ways truly are good.

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