7 Ways to Be Sexier by Summer

#1 Go to the Gym, and Bring a Friend

Working out burns calories, strengthens your muscles and increases your endurance, produces endorphins, and makes you feel better.  When you feel better, you will be more confident! And there is nothing like a workout buddy to help motivate you to go to the gym.

**I also recommend you get a trainer. Even if you go to the gym all the time, every once in awhile I solicit the help of a trainer to give me the extra boost/kick that I need to re-vamp my routine.

#2 Pray

Something special happens when a man or a woman is submitted to God and allows God to change them from the inside out.  That change, that beauty radiates farther than any surface level beauty trick could attempt… That’s SEXY!

#3 When Shopping, Buy These 4 New Things

1. A summer dress – There is nothing like a BRIGHT beautiful dress to make a girl feel sexy!

2. A pair of trendy sandals – something cheap and that may only last this season, but it can really help freshen up your wardrobe.

3. A swimsuit – Make sure your swimsuit is newer and flattering for your body – you want to show off all the time you have spent working out!

4. A workout outfit – If you go to the gym and feel frumpy, you won’t keep going back.  Buy yourself a cute outfit and you will feel better about your body as you are working out.

#4 Bleach Your Teeth

Whether you buy the Crest kit from the store or the professional kit from your dentist, whitening your teeth immediately makes you look years younger! Teens probably don’t need this.

# 5 Go Out With the Girls!

There is nothing like a girl’s night out to give you a reason to get dressed up and enjoy a nice dinner with your girlfriends.  There is just something about putting effort into the way you look that immediately makes a woman feel prettier.

#6 Moisturize

I can’t over emphasize how important it is to wear sunblock/sun-protection year round, but especially during the spring and summer seasons.  You have been cooped up all winter and are probably a little whiter than you will be by the end of the summer.  Protect your skin, wear sun block and moisturizer and your skin will look amazing and help you feel beautiful! Hats and sunglasses are also really great resources for keeping your skin in better shape.

#7 Invest in a Good Tanning Cream

Since you have probably spent the winter indoors your skin probably can use a little boost of sunshine.  The fastest way to give your skin a fresh sexy glow is with a little bit of tanning cream. My two favorite brands are: Bare Minerals and Victoria’s Secret.

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