Relationships: The New American Idol

The “New American Idol” that I am talking about has nothing to do with the J-Lo or singing…  The “American Idol” I am describing is commonly known as “Dating Relationships.”

Have you ever known a man or woman who -while single- was dedicated to seeking and following God, but about a month into their new relationship they don’t “have time” for God anymore?

Being in a new relationship should be fun and exciting on so many levels, but it should also include God!

Getting to know someone who is new, interesting, attractive, and just plain wonderful… is that such a crime?

No, of course not! But what is not healthy is the complete abandonment of God, self, friends, and family… all for the sake of a new relationship.

Healthy relationships require balance, boundaries, time, and God.

If you cannot balance a new relationship without forgoing all of your other good and godly relationships, then I suggest you either stop dating or seriously re-prioritize your relationships IMMEDIATELY!

Although it can be flattering when the new person you are dating wants to spend all of their free time with you, it can also be harmful.

When I am in a newer dating relationship, I evaluate myself constantly in regards to how I am managing both my new relationship as well as my older ones. I am not perfect and I have definitely been guilty of spending too much time with a new guy, but once I realize it, I make the necessary changes in my life.

How Our Dating Relationships Become our “Idols”:

When in a dating relationship we forgo our time with God to spend time with our new sweetie, our focus has shifted from God to the new person. As this pattern continues, our actions demonstrate how our relationship with this person has trumped our relationship with God, thus this new relationship has suddenly become our idol.

I do not mean that you literally bow down to that person, kiss their feet or the ground they walk on, but metaphorically speaking, and in regards to the matter of the heart, you have put them first- before God- in your priorities.

Your actions: your prayer life, your time spent alone with God, and your obedience to God will show Him where He falls in your order of priorities.

The Bible says we should never put anything before God, but I don’t know anyone who has not been guilty of this sin. In one or more areas of our lives we have wrongly, and sometimes accidentally put God second to something, but that should not justify our actions.

If you find yourself dating a good, godly person, but can’t seem to make time for God, ask yourself, What kind of relationship or marriage thrives apart from God?

Who would want a relationship that is not centered around God anyways?
Make changes in your relationship today to make sure your number one priority is still God!

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Lindsey N. Isham

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