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At age thirteen I hated the way I looked. My counselor said I might have a serious problem.

My mom was constantly ripping down the cut out pictures of Victoria’s Secret Models that I pasted on the pantry and the fridge (to keep me from eating- so I could be thin).  In Jr. High I felt fat and I obsessed over the food I ate, either that or  I just didn’t eat anything at all.

I knew nothing about eating healthy, but one day my life changed when my soon-to-be step-dad introduced me to golf.  I lost ten pounds in a week and finally started eating the amount of food I needed!

In college I still didn’t understand what “healthy” foods were until I started a workout program that had a regimented meal plan.

I was shocked to find out that chips weren’t healthy!

Since I clearly knew nothing about eating healthy or exercising when I was younger I feel obligated to share some helpful tips I have learned!

I thrive on teaching healthy, fun, and (sometimes easy) ways to stay in shape. Now, I really push myself in my weekly exercise routine which includes cardiovascular exercise, lifting, stretching, and yoga. I eats 6 times a day – 3 meals a day filled with protein and raw vegetables and in between my meals I drink 3 meal supplements (protein shakes- not a diet drink, a high protein powder blended with a cup of milk).

I am great at coming up with reasons why I can’t work out and I seem to always crave french fries, cheeseburgers, and nachos! So if I can eat healthy and exercise, anyone can.

I work out to keep my body pain-free (I was the victim of 4 car accidents by the time I was 21 and I have chronic pain).

So although I have to eat healthy and exercise to stay pain free, I have a plan that I can stick to.  This plan allows me to eat real food and allows me to  pig out every once in awhile.

Here are some of my tips that help me burn calories and stay fit (aside from my daily workouts) without doing a lot of extra work.

*Eat healthy 6 days a week and splurge on the 7th. By still eating the food you crave you will let your body know you aren’t starving it- that and, by saving it all for one day you won’t feel guilty after indulging. Most likely you will eat less of the bad stuff by saving it all for one day (this really works for me)!

*While watching TV- exercise during the commercials- do sit ups during one commercial break, push ups during the next, lunges, arm circles, etc.

*Park your car further away in the parking lot (and when no one is around, do lunges all the way to the store) and get a good walk in.

*Do lunges as you walk to and from your: mailbox, to get the newspaper, and when taking out the trash.

*Make food ahead of time and put them in containers that are portioned sized (to help keep you from over-eating or eating fast food) -this REALLY helps me.

*Use cottage cheese as a substitute for sour cream – it is really high in protein and easy to work with. (I put this in enchiladas, spaghetti, lasagna, on top of a baked potato, with chili, black bean/lentil soups, mix it in with your curries, mashed beans or potatoes; served cold on tacos, mixed in with yogurt for a dessert, or with fresh cut tomatoes and cucumbers for a snack). When it is warmed up, it is cheesy and creamy.  If you don’t like the consistency of cottage cheese, blend it- I do this and don’t even remember that it is in my meals).

*Before falling asleep and waking up – do 50-100 crunches in your bed (or until you fall asleep).

*Tighten your butt when you walk and when you are sitting in your chair at work.

*Walk up the stairs (instead of taking the elevator all the time). On the last 5 stairs: hold onto the rail and do 10 calf raises on each stair. To mix it up a little, change the position/angle of your toes so that on each stair you alternate between your toes pointing in, out, and to the front.

One of My Favorite Tips:

Next time your friend asks you to get together for food and talk, instead, offer to go for a walk and talk.  Exercise produces endorphins and this will help both of you – especially if one of you is upset about something!

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