When Your Man's Ex Won't Go Away!

Honestly, I have no idea why ex’s come back into the picture (especially when they know the guy is now dating YOU).

Women who do this are manipulative, selfish, and just plain crazy!

Harsh words I know, but I have seen this over and over (and experienced it several times too)… I start dating a great guy and then suddenly his ex is calling him every five minutes to tell him how much she loves and misses him (even though he has made it perfectly clear that they are never going to date again)!

Here are a tips for all the women who are guilty of doing these things:
Usually when a relationship ends, there are sound reasons for it ending! When a guy tells you that the relationship is over, deal with it.

Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t want you?

Stalking a guy by calling, texting, and emailing him day and night are not the ways to win a guy over… When women act crazy like this, guys are more inclined to alert the police than they are to propose.

Sometimes women get crazy thoughts in their head. They think that they will win their ex back and they become mean and stalkerish. But ladies I have to tell you something, this doesn’t work.

Guys don’t want to marry crazy, desperate women who insult, lie, and gossip about them or their current girlfriend!

And I don’t care how many times you call, email or hang out with his mother, this doesn’t help convince him that you are the one for him… it just scares him!

I am convinced that the girls who participate in these crazy stalkerish behaviors are deeply hurt and in their pain they hurt others.

Q: As a woman dating a great guy whose ex is acting like I just described, what do you do?

A: If you are really trusting God to protect you and bless you as you walk uprightly, then continue to glorify Him. Don’t worry about what the ex says about you or to your boyfriend.  God is protecting you, and if that guy is not the one for you and decides to go back with his ex; praise God you found this out sooner rather than later.

To ensure that your life doesn’t mirror the characters on “The Hills,” instead of getting even, pulling her hair out, or trying to turn everyone against her… Pray.

Pray for that girl and your man. Pray for wisdom, love, and kindness to be the fruit that pours out of you. 

Speak the truth in love.

In other words, be a lady, not a game player. Encourage your man to set up healthy boundaries with his ex. With women like this, any form of attention (even when the guy answers the phone upset or irritated), it still gives the girl hope.

The man in this situation needs to be bold, speak the truth in love, establish healthy boundaries, and stick to them. Once he has clearly communicated with his ex that their is no way they are getting back together and he asks her to stop calling, his job is to stick to what he said.  When she calls, texts, or emails, he needs to ignore her.  I am convinced that this is one of the best ways to help an ex-girlfriend go away.

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  1. I needed this SO much right now. My boyfriends ex is mentally unstable. They worked together (she just moved across the country a few weeks ago YAY!) and he tried hard to be friends with her after he broke up with her (due to her literally not letting him go to the bathroom alone. his friends only refer to her as “psycho” or “insane” she attempted suicide and was instituationalized when my boyfriend and i were together barely a month. literally just decided on being exclusive the day before. he has always been up front and open when he contacts her and he feels guilt to help her as he has his own issues in the past. She abuses that. literally, lives on the other side of the country and is still texting him saying “im freaking out right now are you awake?” I put all my trust in God to send me my perfect man, and it seems he answered my prayers with my boyfriend. I need to continue to put all my trust in God that he will keep me on the right path.

    1. Wow, this sounds like a lot. I would proceed with caution. Don’t ignore “red flags” if they pop up. If you are dating someone who was in an unhealthy relationship and has had a hard time setting boundaries, pay attention to that. That stuff could be the sign of something deeper. If he is willing to get help or figure out why he dated his ex for so long, that would really help him with his personal growth, and that will benefit you as well. Just some thoughts. I am praying for you guys. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, and keep me posted.

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