My Red Carpet Adventure:People's Choice Awards

My friend and I were able to get into the People’s Choice Awards last minute and we had a blast!

Before the show started we practiced a dance with Darrin Henson from Stomp the Yard. While we practiced, Queen Latifah walked in and we all danced together.  The Queen is pretty awesome!

We sat in the front row by the stage and as you can see from the picture below, we were so close to Kim Kardashian and her sisters that we were able to really keep up with the Kardashian ladies.

We were also close to Shane West from A Walk To Remember and his beautiful date.

The people who sat in our row paid $5o0/ea for their seats and we got in for free.

On the other side of the stage (in the same row as me) was Taylor Swift and Zac Effron. I walked right by Zac but I didn’t recognize him… I kept thinking, Who is the Navy guy? My bad.

Jennifer Aniston looked great, Taylor Swift was adorable as always, but the real highlight of the show was Queen Lativa. The camera guys kept trying to get her to use the script and stick to the talking points, but she wouldn’t.  It was pretty funny to watch.

After the show we got into the award show V.I.P. After Party where I met Quinton Aaron, the star from The Blind Side.

I thought it was the real guy (not the actor), so after I took a picture with him I said, “Hey, congratulations! I am so proud of you.”

He gave me a look that said, “Really?” as if that was the first time someone told him that… anyway, he seemed pretty cool.

It was a fun night and the next time I go to an event like this I promise I will get more pictures!

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