Beat the Valentine's Day Blues, Host a Singles Party!

Just when you thought you were past the drama of deciding which guy “friend” to bring to your work’s Christmas Party,

You realized that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Yesterday I was standing in line at the post office and I saw a card stand filled with Valentine’s Day cards and it got me thinking about Valentine’s Day…

For guys, Valentine’s Day is just another day, but for most women, it’s a big deal!

For the single women who have no potential dates, either they boycott Valentine’s Day, or spend that day feeling lonely.

Well, this year, instead of dreading Valentine’s Day, make it a day that you and others look forward to!

I love to match-make and to introduce men and women especially around days when it is not so enjoyable to be single. This year, instead of watching a TBS special of Sleepless in Seattle (all the while wondering when you can meet your dream man on the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day), plan a fun party!

How to throw the perfect Valentine’s Day Party:

1 Be realistic
Valentine’s Day is a little over a month away so that doesn’t give you that much time to prepare. Instead of worrying about decor (and let’s be honest, most of it is cheesy anyway) focus on who you should invite and what you should do at the party.

2 Get a friend to help you plan
Planning a party can be a lot of work, divvy it up with a friend and accomplish more in a short time period.

3 Create a catchy invitation
Everything from the pictures to the verbiage used on the Evite will either attract or repel your invited guests. If there is even the slightest hint that your event is for desperate singles- no one will show up. Be catchy, creative, edgy. If you are having a hard time coming up with the right thing to say, look at some cards or other social events to mirror their language.

4 Invite Guests
Usually more women are likely to appear at this kind of party than guys, so invite twice as many guys.  Make sure you invite singles from your circle of friends (Bible study, work, etc.) but also reach out to friends/connections from other churches and groups.  The party will be more interesting with a variety of people.

Evite works, but people seem to not really RSVP, so I suggest making a quick invite (in a Word Doc.) and printing it out and/or emailing it to people could work too.

Most people aren’t overly outgoing when it comes to meeting new people, so make this event easy for them to meet new people.

ay attention to the age range at the party too, no 30 year old guy wants to spend all night trying to talk to a girl he sees from across the room only to find out she is 18. Yikes!

5 Attire & Themes
On Special occasions I think it’s fun to get people to dress up a little. I think for this event a good attire is semi-formal or business causal.

If you are feeling adventurous, plan a themed party. One idea is to have everyone wear one article of clothing that is either pink or red, then hand out awards for the best Valentine’s Day outfit.

What do you do to entertain everyone once they are at your party looking all dapper?

It is always a really good idea to plan mixers and ice breakers to help get people talking, otherwise your place will look like a jr. high dance – girls on one side and guys on the other side.

* Have everyone email you when they RSVP for the event and include something interesting about themselves or something awesome that they have done -that is not common knowledge- (e.g. I have swam with dolphins in the ocean, I wrote a book about sex and relationships, I grew up riding bareback, etc.).

* Of course you must have some sort of fun music

* Give everyone numbers when they walk through the door. Have duplicate numbers to hand out (one to the guys and one to the girls). E.G. Girl walks in a gets the #5, #1, & #13, the next guy who walks in gets the same numbers, or whatever.  Just make sure that every girl has three guys who have matching numbers. From there, you can plan games, or activities that they have to do with the people who share the same numbers. After a couple of activities like this, people will mingle with each other (not just the people they were paired with), eat, the evening will fly by and people will leave happy.

* Playing interactive games sometimes works (like pictionary), but I don’t recommend this.  The teams are usually girls vs. guys and everyone usually gets super competitive and people’s behavior becomes less than attractive.

* Whatever events or activities you plan, let it help the individuals meet and talk to new people!

6 Food Catering
Whether you have a large or small gathering, food, snacks, and beverages are usually expected at a party. Since the attire is semi- formal, and depending on your theme, you have a couple options

I.    You can have the event catered and charge everyone to come to the party ($10-$25) depending on the age of your friends and the sophistication of the event. Having an event catered takes money, but it will alleviate a lot of stress from you, the host.

II.  About Potlucks:
Potlucks are usually unorganized and more casual. But if you have a theme or a dessert party, it makes it easy for the guests to bring something without it making your lovely party look like a picnic gathering.

With Evite, you can make a list of the dishes/items you want people to bring and guests can mark which item they will bring. If you don’t do an Evite, I recommend you have guests send you their food contribution along with their RSVP and their sentence about something unusual they have done.

For more tips and pointers about planning a party or decorating for a party, I like Pottery Barn’s webpage:

Or you can visit party planner /interior designer websites.

Have fun and email me some pictures from your party and I will put them on my website!

For more information about sex, dating, relationships, and trusting God:

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