The First Man to Ever See My Breasts

I am thirty years old, and for the first time ever a man saw my breasts.

It was kind of weird, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.  Actually I felt relieved…

Last week when I went in for my annual physical/check up, I told the doctor that I felt a lump in my left breast.  She confirmed that something was abnormal and she immediately scheduled me for an ultrasound less than a week later.

Monday morning as I sat in a pink waiting room in breast care center, I prayed that the results would be benign and that the person doing the exam would be a woman.  After all, no man has ever seen my breasts and I didn’t want this to be my first experience of being naked in front of a man.

God totally heard my prayers and I had a woman!  Awesome 🙂
She used the ultrasound machine (which she said they frequently use on younger women).

I was glad to hear that too because the only other option was a mammogram.  Which from what I am told, feels like you are standing with one breast by an open fridge door and someone walks by and slams it shut on you.

The specialist held the ultrasound “wand” in place and I heard a few clicks… She was taking pictures and I looked at the screen and I saw the lump. What did she find?  Did I have cancer?

She finished taking pictures and within a few minutes a male doctor walked into the room.  He said that I did not have cancer; I had a benign cyst in my breast.

When I asked him how he knew, he said, “Well let’s take a look at it….” I got nervous and then realized he was pointing to the images on the screen.

“Benign cysts are solid black and have a clearly outlined image on the screen.” And that is exactly what my picture looked like.

Although he only saw my breast on the screen from the ultrasound image… he still saw my breast. But that is as close as it gets to a man seeing my naked body before I am married… I am saving all of this for my husband!

But seriously, every day another woman feels something “irregular” in her breast.  If this happens to you, don’t waste time. Just go to the doctor and find out what is going on.

Life is too short to waste it by worrying about something that may be nothing…

Praise the Lord for my nice nurses and praise the Lord for my results.

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Lindsey N. Isham

  1. I know just how you feel, Lindsey. Last week I had to be taken to the ER where, upon arrival, I was stripped topless by two male nurses. I couldn’t help but sit there weeping uncontrollably as it happened. I had never felt so exposed and helpless, even though I knew they were just doing their job.

    1. Oh, wow… I am so sorry… I hope everything turned out okay… A similar thing happened to my friend… her appendix burst and she was rushed to the hospital and numerous people were sticking things in places that no one had ever seen before… Very uncomfortable and weird.



      Lindsey Isham

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