Post Break-Up Blues

Breaking up is really hard. 

Usually breaking up makes sense. Someone was a jerk or uninterested so the natural next step is ending the relationship.

But what if those aren’t the reasons you broke up? What if it is not that simple?

Ever been there? I have…

The last time I went through this I was devastated.

I am not going to lie, I am a crier. But I hate crying.  It makes me tired, gives me puffy eyes and a horrible headache, I get dehydrated, lightheaded and I look awful afterwards.

Seriously, who looks hot after spending hours each day crying?

My brain gets all weird and I can’t process things the same… I lose my keys, send people texts and when they respond I have already completely forgotten that I sent them something.  I am sure I lose my brain every time this happens to me!

I usually have a hard time eating anything. The food that actually sounds edible isn’t good for me. I crave things like: French fries, cheese burgers, nachos, cake, cookies, chips, nachos, oh wait, I already said that.  Do you see what I am talking about… the brain is gone!

Of course I shouldn’t eat any of those things because what if you see the guy afterwards… you want to make him realize that he made a big mistake by letting you go.  You don’t want him to take one look at you and think, “Gosh, I am glad I ended that one.”

I usually lose motivation to work and workout.  It is difficult to sleep, smile, and focus on anything that is even remotely productive.

I have never had the option of burying myself in my work to try to escape my thoughts about the guy.  Relationships are my life; love, romance, and dating… it’s what I do; there is no escaping thoughts about relationships, or ended ones in my case.

If I am not writing about relationships, I am talking, researching, praying, and counseling about relationship issues.

What if you still love the guy because he is worth loving?  Do you hold on to hope or try to move on?

I don’t have the answers… but what has always worked for me in the past was… prayer.
The comforting thing is that God knew all of this would happen to me.  He loves me and although I am sick of getting my heart broken, I have no choice but to keep trusting Him.

Praise God He knows how to mend my broken heart. Even amidst my faith and trust in God, I remember hoping and praying, “God, can this please be the last time I have to go through this?”

Pain, suffering, heart-break, and loss are inevitable, but it is okay to feel sad or disappointed. And it’s okay to cry… just make sure you drink lots of water!

Just like God has helped me with all of my exes, God will be faithful to you as well.

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