In San Diego, Girls Don't Need Parental Consent to Leave School to Have Abortions!

Just one more horrible decision that our California school officials have made… and it will affect more than just the students.

It should be no surprise that this decision is completely supported by Planned Parenthood. If you haven’t realized by now, abortions make Planned Parenthood money.

But I am confused… Aren’t parents supposed to raise their kids? Did I miss a memo that said we should let the government dictate what is best for our kids?  Why do law makers make it impossible for parents to parent?

Kids are just that: kids.  They benefit from their parent’s opinion, influence, and protection. Sometimes kids need protection from themselves; that’s why God made parents.

A fifteen year old girl, Ann, goes to school and talks to the nurse because something isn’t “normal.” She finds out she is pregnant and starts crying.  She can’t stop saying, “My parents are going to kill me.”

Then the nurse says, “You are young; you need to think about yourself and your future. Have you ever considered an abortion?”

That night Ann sits at home texting some of her friends; they all say she is way too young to have a baby. The next day Ann goes to school like normal. She hugs her mom and tells her how much she loves her. Her mom has no idea that her daughter is planning on ditching school today.

Ann leaves school before her math class to take a bus to the abortion center. The procedure is finished and another life is taken. Ann goes home and lies to her mom saying, “I don’t feel like eating dinner tonight, my PMS cramps are unbearable.”

Thanks to San Diego school officials, this scenario has become reality.

Although San Diego is changing its policy, the Tribune newspaper said Vista Unified school board voted in 2009 to stand by its practice of requiring parental involvement beforehand.

ACTION: Contact the board at

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