Single on Valentine's Day

I know what you are thinking, If I see one more heart shaped candy dish or one more pink and red box, I will vomit!  1903174s39jtspocv[1]

Being single on any holiday can really suck, but on Valentine’s Day?  Valentine’s Day is the holiday where you are supposed to be in love, be giddy, and be excited about being with a certain someone.

But what if you don’t have a “certain someone?”

Are you supposed to buy yourself chocolates?

Every year that I have been single on Valentine’s Day, (which was almost every year), I tried to do something to enjoy the day.

Plan ahead. Do something fun with your friends or a group of friends.  Go line dancing with a bunch of girls and guys.

Guys, ask a girl out, or a few girls out (until one says yes)… Try something new and have fun.

I never wanted to be alone on Valentine’s Day, so I found friends who also didn’t want to be alone and we hung out and had fun.
Buy your roommates chocolates, hand out valentine’s cards to your friends and co-workers.  Make a cake or cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles and hearts and give them to other people who wish they weren’t alone.

On Valentine’s Day pamper yourself and find ways to make someone else’s day great too.

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