Chemistry… Not the Kind You Learn About in School

It’s hard to put into words what happens in your mind and body when you see that guy from across the room, have an awesome conversation, or go on a fun date.  What is it that creates the chemistry that makes your heart leap, your hands sweat, and makes your stomach turn by just being around the person?Woman embracing her boyfriend

Why do you want to go on another date with one guy but run from another? I think that chemistry is more than just attraction; I think it can be something deeper.

I love to help introduce my single friends to other singles in hopes that they will meet and marry the love of their life.  So far, I don’t think I have been very good at it but I am hoping to improve my statistics.  If anything, I think that simply meeting new people is good for singles.  Getting out there and creating opportunities for you and your other single friends to meet a new hottie, how could this be a bad thing!

After introducing a guy to one of my girl friends, I follow up the next day.  The story is always the same… one person was interested and the other was not. What the heck!  There are so many singles out there. Why does it seem that “all the good ones are taken” or when you do meet a nice guy, there is no “chemistry” between you?

F.Y.I., “all the good ones” aren’t taken. I have wonderful friends who are single and still looking for the right person. But if the chemistry isn’t there, and they aren’t “feelin” it, they of course move on.  But I wonder if there is a way to help create more relationships that have that “chemistry” that everyone desires.

Hmm… Well, if I figure something out, I will be sure to share it with you!

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  1. Yes, Chemistry is what we all want…and hope to feel., no matter what age. But is it where a relationshp should or even is supposed to begin in God’s plan?. And you are right, when there is no immediate Chemistry, we move on but maybe were supposed to hang in there and let that develop. I hate to think Chemistry is what we base our romantic relationships on, btut in reality it mostly is what gets us the second or third date. I think Chemistry can potentially mislead people into wrong relationships too, which is not where God wants you.

    What does God want in our relationships? Spiritual connection is far more important and worthwhile. In a Bible Study I lead for a small group of all aged women, He wants us to begin Godly romantic relationships through friendships, being equally yoked spiritually, and take it slow, learning the other person through daily lives and routines (while not even hand holding with each other) and getting acquainted how that other person is around their friends and family. That gives us an inner perspective how compatible or comfortable we would be with that person in their “element.”. As we are involved on a friendship level with the other person’s friends and family, it helps us determine if what we see is how we want our future to be. Sometimes it is and sometimes it definitely isn’t. (Then you can move on…and should!)

    Many times we cannot get past the “best friends” arena, but if we let God lead, we may fall into an incredible romantic relationship only He can bring that would be spectacular! It may take a lot of time (so we shouldn’t get in a hurry.) Be steadfast in our faith for God to perfect all things and know His choice for you is His very best choice possible through His eyes and Knowledge of your future. Who else knows what you both would want and need ? Let your followers know His Choice will be worth the wait when it happens…immediate Chemistry or not. It is the Heart that makes the relationship and stokes the fire for the Chemistry we all imagine and long for.

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