Trusting God, Sex, and Frogs… Hmm.


Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, are plagued by something that keeps us from trusting God. Why do you think so many people have sex outside of marriage? Lack of trust. Let me explain.

Exodus 8:1-15 gives us a clear illustration of what it looks like for one man who refused to trust and obey God. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this story, I’ll give you a quick snapshot. God wanted the Israelites to be free from slavery, so He sent Moses and his brother Aaron to talk to Pharaoh. (Pharaoh was the presumed slave owner whose main goal was building an empire. He was using the Israelites to build his buildings and monuments. Pharaoh was blinded by his greed and he refused to listen to God.

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh several times asking him to release the Israelites from slavery. Pharaoh emphatically said “NO!”

Since Pharaoh wouldn’t cooperate with God’s requests to release His people, God struck the land with plagues. No living thing was spared from the plagues. There were ten plagues in total, but I’m only going to tell you about the first two.

In the first plague, every drop of the water in the land was turned into blood.  This was life threatening to the Pharaoh and his people because there was no water to drink, cook, or bathe in. Pharaoh agreed to Moses’ request to let the Israelites leave the land if God would change the water back to its normal condition. God kept His word, but Pharaoh did not. After the water was normal again, he changed his mind. That leads us to the second plague: frogs.


Imagine if everywhere you looked there were frogs… piles, heaps, and mounds of frogs upon frogs.  Frogs were in their ovens, baths, hampers, beds, cribs, pantries, fields, streets, canals…you get the idea. They were everywhere!  When Moses went to Pharaoh and asked again for the Israelites to be freed, Moses said to Pharaoh, “When would you like God to provide relief to your situation?” (My summary) Pharaoh’s response was “Tomorrow.” Tomorrow!?

Pharaoh’s people were suffering, he was suffering, and instead of saying, “God take this nastiness from me today,” he said tomorrow.

Like Pharaoh, God asks us, “When would you like me to bring relief to your situation?”  And often we respond the same way Pharaoh did, “Tomorrow.”

The frogs in this story are similar to the sin in our lives. We get so comfortable in our sin, and sometimes we convince ourselves that we are actually enjoying our sin. We think “it’s not so bad”, and we even try to manage the highs and lows of our sin. There is a certain level of comfort or familiarity in our sin that keeps us in the mindset of “I will change…. tomorrow.”

God keeps asking us, “When will you completely submit your life to Me? When will you trust Me and know that I just want to love you and bless you? When will you hand over your sexual desires and the consequences you are currently experiencing? When you will stop having sex with people you aren’t married to, stop compromising, stop trying to fulfill your desires in ways that harm you and others around you? When will you let me help you overcome your porn addiction, same-sex cravings, etc?”

Pharaoh was surrounded by frogs- nasty, slimy, loud, disgusting frogs.  He had no escape from those little filthy-mcnasties. Similar to Pharaoh’s situation, regardless of our attempts to “be good” or “get our lives right” only God can get rid of the frogs in our life.

But let’s not be like Pharaoh, a man who refused to obey God. He was so blinded what he wanted that he ignored the warnings of future consequences. He thought he could do whatever he wanted to do.

Pharaoh trusted God every time he wanted relief from one of the plagues, but as soon as the plague was stopped, he went right back to the way he was before.

Instead, let’s ask God to clean and purify our heart, mind, and soul today.  Choose today to be obedient to God.  Get rid of the frogs in your life once and for all by giving your stubborn, prideful, lustful, Pharaoh-like heart to God.  It is never too late to trust God with your sex life, relationships, or really anything for that matter.

I am not saying you will never sin again or never be tempted again… Read my book, I think I make it pretty clear that I am not perfect… But with Jesus, you have an escape from all the frogs… How cool is that!

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