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Dream. Design. Love.

That feeling you get when you find the perfect pair of jeans, when you bite into a warm molten lava cake, when you find true love, and when you hold your baby for the first time… It just feels like, HOME. – Lindsey

Question: What is your definition of a well-designed space?

Answer: A perfectly executed design should inspire you to be inspirational, motivate you to move mountains, and invite you to welcome others. It should meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and have a wow factor. Your space should be a place to be you, belong, and be loved. You are beautiful, unique, and interesting, my job is to bring those elements to light and let your space reflect that. Together we can create a personalized and timeless design for your home, office, or event that reflects all the wonderful intricacies that make you, you.

Q: What’s your design style?

A: Often I am asked what my design style is and how it influences the decisions I make for my clients, and I guess I would have to say my design style is “FABULOUS.” For each new project, my goal is to create a beautiful space that resonates with my client. I want my clients to look at their home and say, “This is fabulous.”

Q: Is there anything else you would share with people who are looking to hire an interior designer?

A: Make sure you find a designer who is a good listener, can help push you a little out of your comfort zone, and who doesn’t have an ego. The worst thing a designer can do is push their “style” on their clients. If you like Bohemian and your designer only specializes in French Country, I would say it’s probably not the right fit for you. As a designer, the spaces I design have my stamp on them, but it’s not about me; it’s always about the client. Sometimes my clients fall in love with pieces that I don’t recommend, and when they buy them, it is my job to help tie everything together and make it work. I have never designed two homes the same way; I love that about my job. My clients are unique and they keep me on my toes, and I am convinced that it makes me a better interior designer.


    design is my passion, my clients are my inspiration.

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