Lemon Ginger Tea – A Natural Cold Cure That Really Works (AIP/Paleo)

AIP & Paleo Health & Diet Recipes January 17, 2014 0 Comments

I started off the new year strong. I planned my workout days, routines, and most of my meals. I was even drinking my healthy body and skin concoction (stay tuned for afuture post about what I am drinking to help rejuvenate my skin). I was so proud of myself! And then it happened… I got sick! Ugh. My sweet husband took…

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Homemade Eggnog Recipe for Christmas & New Year's Eve

Recipes December 26, 2012 0 Comments

Are you looking for a way to impress your family and guests with a delicious and easy eggnog recipe that won’t get them schnockered? Try this recipe. In my experience, family members are more enjoyable to be around when they haven’t been drinking, so in order to prevent blow-ups and family feuds (not really) I came up with an alcohol-free (mostly alcohol free)…

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