Hi, my name is Lindsey, but my friends and family call me "Linds." I'm a wife, stepmom, published author, relationship expert, interior designer, AIP & Paleo chef, and homeschooling-mom to two teenage sons. And if you haven't already looked around, I love sharing my thoughts about all of them! So glad you're here.

Hello Gorgeous!

If I could come up with one word to describe you, you would think I was a sage. Why? Because no one can come up with just one word to describe YOU. You are fun, creative, loving, encouraging, and adventurous. You take calculated risks (and even uncalculated ones sometimes) just to see if your crazy idea will work.

You have ambitions, talents, and deep seeded goals, some that you have never told anyone about. Most of the time, your hubby thinks that your “brilliant” ideas are crazy. Some days you are sure about yourself, your ideas, your parenting style, other days, not so much.

Here’s what I know about you…

You wear a lot of hats. You have days when you are killing it at this whole wife, mom, fashionista, businesswoman thing, while rocking your wedges and #LikeABoss t-shirt. Then you have those days when the demands of your family and personal life have exhausted you so much, that you reward yourself with a cupcake when you finally take a shower!

Strengths : You are smart, wise, helpful, kind, talented, and giving (probably to a fault).

Weakness : You believe that you are supposed to be perfect.

If you can relate to any of this, grab a cup of coffee and let’s hang out for a bit; I am sure you and I are going to become close friends!

On the blog, you will find lots of inspiration for easy interior design projects, fabulous finds for beauty, fashion, and interior decorating, and a few thoughts on family, faith, and life.

Bonjour! I’m Lindsey, the gal who runs this fun blog. I am so glad you stopped by!


LINDSEY GRAVES - rockstar mom, Interior Designer, AIP/Paleo Chef



Who am I?

I’m a girl who dreamed of someday becoming a wife & mom, but my dreams didn’t end there.

To this day I aspire to pursue my dreams and help others do the same. I seek to positively inspire those in my immediate circle, and those I may never have the privilege of meeting in person.

I have been a relationship speaker for twenty years now. I wrote a book when I was 30, which led to me meeting my (now) hubby. I LOVE interior design and started dabbling with it when I was in my twenties. My first design gig was spearheading a design team on a $50 million building project. No biggie, right?! After that, I opened an interior design and organizational company. I have had the privilege of working with clients from all over the U.S. I also have a background in marketing and PR (I get so geeked out about this stuff).

I am a wife, step-mom, and homeschool teacher. (Learn more here.)

I am an AIP/Paleo Chef and I have Celiac Disease. (Learn more here.)

I am passionate about helping couples have a fun and loving marriage that will both bless them and inspire younger generations. (Learn more here.)

So far, the best day of my life was the day I got married. A close second was the day my (now) husband and I were featured guests on ABC’s The View, when he surprised me with a marriage proposal! And then again (for a more personal experience) when he and his boys proposed to me with handmade LEGO rings in the middle of the NYC LEGO store.


Some of my core beliefs…
  • I believe that you really can accomplish what you set your mind to.
  • I believe in doing your best.
  • I believe in starting strong and finishing well.
  • I believe in delayed gratification and sticking to your budget.
  • I believe in setting realistic goals to accomplish unfathomable results.
  • I believe in prioritizing and planning date nights, family time, and “me” time.
  • I believe in crushing it at work and play, then taking a day off to relax, recover, and regroup.
  • I believe in counting your blessings instead of comparing bios.
  • I believe in being real, honest, and your friends’ biggest cheerleader.
  • I also believe that peanut butter & chocolate ice cream is one of the best things ever invented.


What to expect from this blog…

On this blog you will get all the fixins’ – interior design ideas, affordable DIY projects, healthy recipes, what to wear beauty & fashion trends- all in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging you to find & create beauty everywhere you go.


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With Boldness and Beauty,

Lindsey Graves

Other places you may have seen me: ABC’s The View, TLC, KUSI, JCTV, Family Life Radio, & Amazon’s Best Seller’s List