About me

Hi, my name is Lindsey, but my friends and family call me "Linds." I'm a wife, stepmom, published author, relationship expert, interior designer, AIP & Paleo chef, and homeschooling-mom to two teenage sons. And if you haven't already looked around, I love sharing my thoughts about all of them! So glad you're here.

Hello Gorgeous!

Five years ago, I went from being a 33-year-old virgin, to a wife and stepmom all in one day. I am a published author, recognized relationship expert, interior designer, AIP & Paleo chef, and homeschooling-mom to two teenage sons. I have been speaking and writing about dating, relationships, and marriage for more

than eighteen years, and I have been an interior designer for more than fifteen years. I have been featured on hundreds of TV and Radio programs including TLC’s Virgin Diaries and The View.I am a passionate person who loves so many things that it has always been hard for me to pick just one thing that I want to talk about. But I think that this is what makes me real.

In life, we don’t just talk about or focus on one thing. Every day I try to find ways to enjoy the simple things in life and to create an environment that is fun and healthy, full of love and beauty, so my blog will reflect that. I love power tools, planning, relaxing, and playing. I love AIP/Paleo “comfort foods”, Hallmark movies, cowboy boots, and all kinds of sparkly things. I believe in doing what is right, not just what is easy, popular, or convenient. I believe in God, marriage, hard work, good craftsmanship, prayer, healthy boundaries, investing in people, and beach days.

While I was single, my blog was mostly geared towards singles, but now that I am married, I am expanding my topics to better help the women I am constantly connecting with. Additionally, my husband and I are launching a marriage relationship YouTube channel later this fall with the hope of helping married couples add more fun and romance to their relationship. My goal with this blog is to provide you with resources to help you and your family live healthy, happy, lives, and hopefully get a few budget friendly DIY projects done along the way. I am a serious creative entrepreneur type who is constantly pitching my “brilliant beyond brilliant” ideas to my hubby, who mostly thinks that my ideas are kinda crazy, but he gives me the freedom to try them out anyway. Maybe you can relate? 🙂 We have fun at our house, and the way I do things isn’t necessarily the way everyone should do things, but since I am always asked about my design projects, homeschooling my teenage sons, and the yummy AIP & Paleo recipes I make, I decided to shift my blog focus a bit to reflect what life is like for me now.

What I’m Passionate About

Shortly after I got married I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. And last year I had so many health complications that my hubby and I felt like I was dying. Literally. I had so many things wrong with me, and after multiple doctor visits and no solutions, I made it my mission to cure myself (so to speak). Day in and day out, I asked God to show me what was wrong with me and how to heal my body, and soon I got better. After being in a wheelchair for five months I was finally able to start walking again. The first day I was able to walk without pain I cleaned and organized our entire front porch. Later that week, I started a mini renovation of our now Hollywood Glam kitchen, and I haven’t looked back since.

When you get to the point that you are so sick you can’t stay awake for more than 15 minutes at a time, you learn to cherish every day and every moment you have when you are not in pain. I am now able to use the health information I learned from all my months of research to help my friends and family avoid the same health problems I had. I feel like I have to share this information with people, like it’s my duty or something. Autoimmune related diseases and illness are so tricky to figure out and modern day medical practitioners aren’t trained on how to help, they are only trained on how to drug. I didn’t want to live a life on drugs and sedatives, I wanted to live a healthy life again. So hopefully my personal blogs about my journey will help you spot warning signs and navigate this area for yourself or a loved one.

So on the blog, you’ll get a glimpse into our crazy awesome life of interior design, budget DIY projects, AIP & Paleo recipes, marital advice (the most fun kind) and homeschooling tips, all in the hopes that you’ll leave feeling encouraged and inspired to lead with love and creativity in your home.