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The other day I was in a meeting and noticed when I noticed that my co-worker’s eyebrows were the most well-kept set of brows I have ever seen… For a girl that should be standard, but for a guy… well, I knew I needed to investigate a little after our meeting.

My friend is married, is a nice dresser and overall he does a fabulous job with personal hygiene and grooming… so at an opportune time I turned to him and said, “You have fabulous eyebrows!  I am sure that is a weird thing to hear, but they really are amazing!”

Leave it to me to say things that most people think right?  Anyway, he and our other male co-worked got into a discussion about how more men need to pay attention to their grooming.

The other guy had me rolling when he said, “I have to tweeze my eyebrows often because I realized that my eyebrows get lonely… and they really want to grow together.”  He was implying that if he didn’t tweeze he would have a uni-brow.

As the conversation progressed, the guys were talking about neck hair (the kind on the back of a guy’s neck)… They agreed with me that guys should shave that stuff daily to make sure they don’t have hair growing below their hair-line… it is a real turn off when it goes ungroomed.

All that to say, I think it is awesome when guys realize the need to take care of themselves.  It only takes a little time and attention and it does wonders for the ladies! 🙂

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  • Nick
    October 26, 2010

    So true. I agree with Lindsey, No ragged beards guys!

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