Gift-Giving and Newer Relationships


What kind of Christmas gift are you supposed to get for someone you have been dating for a few weeks, months, or years? gift givingHow much money should you spend?

Other than Miss Manners, who makes up these rules and are we really supposed to follow them?

When I was in college, I was interested in a guy and I asked my mentor what I should get him for Christmas.

She walked over to her shelf, pulled out a book titled “Miss Manners” and flipped to the section about buying gifts.  She read it out loud for me and it said something like this: “Don’t buy men articles of clothing; it is too sexual of a suggestion.”

Dang it! I was thinking of buying him a shirt.  In high school, all of the girls I knew bought boxers for their boyfriends, so I thought shirt was a safe route.


We kept reading, and although I can’t remember everything that we read that night, I do remember buying the guy a nice leather journal.  I figured that I should buy a gift that helps him with his relationship with God, journaling definitely does that.

But now that I am thirty, a little more grown up, and dating the best man I have ever known or even heard of (aside from my dads of course), what should I get him?

I want to get him something that is meaningful, heartfelt, and totally awesome. So here is my biggest problem: How in the world can one gift, regardless of its size or financial value, truly express my feelings for this person?

Hmm, I am stuck; let me know your thoughts!

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  • pepper
    January 6, 2010

    I’m assuming by this point in the year the issue has been solved but I usually pick up hints in conversations and go off of that. Sometimes a subject or something he finds interesting will give you more direction than wondering around a mall. I hope this helps.

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