Fashion Vs. Modesty





 The Test:
How many layers do you have on? By adding a tank underneath it  keeps you warmer, your shirt length is usually lengthened,  your tatas stay tucked in, and you get a fun splash of color to your outfit.  I can’t say enough about keeping your body parts covered and leaving a little for the imagination! You are valuable, save the goods for the man you marry. 

A lot of people think that dressing like a lady means you wear skirts to your ankles, bland colored shirts, and cardigans.  WRONG!

I learned this late in life…

When I was in Jr. High and high school I was clueless about how to put clothes together.  Not to mention, I was so afraid of looking immodest that I finally just decided to wear my golf clothes everywhere. 

What? I was a golfer, so I thought I should look like one… but then I realized that I looked like a tom-boy and that wasn’t doing anything for me.

I hated shopping and struggled with insecurities, so I felt hopeless.

Maybe you can relate with one or more of my struggles, if so, I can help.  First let me say something, you can look totally amazing and still dress conservatively at the same time. 

Fashion and modesty don’t need to be at war with each other; they can totally be friends!

Here are a few tips that I use when I test my outfits before I leave the house:

Tip #1 Keep Your Secret a Secret

Here’s what I mean, the entire world doesn’t need to know if you paid a fortune for your underwear from Victoria’s Secret or if you got the 6 pair value pack from Walmart.  Keep that stuff to yourself. 

The Test: 
Sit on a chair and lean forward.  Make sure your shirt is long enough and your pants are high enough to cover your undies.

Tip #2 See What?

Way too many people wear see through clothing… and I don’t need to know people that well.  If I wanted to see naked women, I could just walk through the women’s locker room at the gym… No thanks. Just say NO to see through clothing.

The Test:
Don’t get dressed in the dark and leave your house.  Turn the lights and make sure that your top, skirt, dress, or pants are not see through.  If you can see the outline of your bra or undies, you need to add another layer or toss the clothing item in the “Salvation Army” pile.  If you are wearing light colored shirts, add an A-frame shirt underneath just in case… that and it will add to the length of your shirt and help you with tip #1.

Tip #3 Palm Test

Women are generally shorter than men, that, and we bend down and lean over a lot, so it’s important not to have shirts that are low cut.  

The Test:
With your left hand, make an “L” and lay your palm flat against your chest just below your neck (with your thumb and fingers on opposite sides of your neck). At the bottom of your palm is where your shirt’s opening should end. 

Tip #4 The Hug

Many skirts, tops, and dresses seem long enough, until we move.  As soon as we hug someone, reach for something, or sit down, all our stuff hangs out.

The Test:
Pretend that you are giving your friend a hug, or reaching for something high (like you would for a book on the top shelf of your locker or office). How short does your skirt look now?  At rest, your skirt should pass the distance of your hands at your side.

Tip #5 For the Love of Layers
Layers of tanks and A-frame shirts have become my best ally. Most companies make fashionable tops so low-cut that you can see everything. 

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