Not Just Another Pretty Face


If you are even somewhat attractive most people assume a couple things about you:

#1 You have beauty and no brains.

#2 You have had sex and will have sex with guys if they pursue you long enough.

lindsey-isham-4These two reasons probably explain the looks I get when people find out that I am a 30 year old virgin and not just another pretty face.

In college, I went to a very liberal school, the University of Colorado.  I loved it, but I think most of my professors didn’t love me; I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a great listener.  I listened as they taught Darwinism as fact instead of theory. I listened to another professor as she spoke of the evil of Viagra. I listened as another professor preached relativism as the ultimate truth.  I listened to another professor describe women as sluts and sex objects in order to get laughs and illustrate his concepts.  I listened, but when I spoke, they got upset.

To the Darwin teaching professor, I challenged claims and fallacies that he could not refute. I refused to answer questions on the tests that were phrased with verbiage that implied that Darwin’s beliefs were fact, not theory. I argued for Creation and when I did I was told that “office hours have ended,” and I left, only to return the next day.

Day after day I listened to my professor talk negatively about men, marriage, and God.  I asked a question my first day in class to challenge her teachings and she changed the subject. Since my professor continually ignored me when I tried to ask a question, I began sitting in the front row in her class. One day she somehow incorporated the topic of Viagra into her teaching, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I raised my hand, she looked me in the eyes, and before she turned away I made my comment. “I don’t know about anyone else in this room, but I am saving sex for marriage.  I want to have sex with my husband as often and as long as possible; so if that means he needs to take Viagra, then so be it.”

What a surprise, she changed the subject. I later found out that she was divorced and her husband had left her for a younger woman, that is so sad.

Then there was the professor who taught Relativism as if it were truth. I learned the theory and applied it to my grade in her class.  I received a grade for every test, essay, presentation in that class. If her grade didn’t match the grade that I thought I should receive, I approached her and we had a discussion.  Bottom line, according to her theory of relativity, her grade for my assignments was relative, and in order for her to be consistent in her beliefs, she knew the grade she gave me was relative, as was the grade I thought I deserved.

If I wasn’t happy with the grade she gave me, we had a discussion focused around the relativity theory.  By the end of the semester she was probably sick of discussing Relativism with me, but I received an “A” in her class and I think she was so “over” relativism that she started to see its faults.

Lastly, is the male professor who constantly spoke of women in degrading ways. I politely challenged him to incorporate wholesome examples of women in the stories he told the class I would report him.  The stories he told were of women who were slutty, easy, drunk, and clearly they had no self-respect. His examples gave me an unfair learning disadvantage because every time he told another disgusting story I tuned him out in order to keep my thoughts pure.  So many times I missed the whole concept he was explaining. Oh, and he recorded every lecture, so I had proof of his comments.

The day after our discussion, he apologized to the class and he spoke kindly of women from that point on.

The next time someone assumes that you are ditsy, ignorant, or “easy” simply because you are pretty, shock them by giving an educated response to their questions and stand up for your beliefs and standards, you never know who will be positively affected by it!

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Lindsey N. Isham

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  • irma
    November 13, 2009

    wow that really inspired me ppl try to take advantage of me because im pretty and i grow tired of it, i dnt feel that i should have to tell someone off to make a point that im not ignorant, and that i know what im doing, thanks!!! GOD BLESS YOU

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