For the Love of… My Daddy!


232323232fp8_nu3237_484_969_wsnrcg32744948633_nu0mrj11Do you ever feel like your prayers aren’t being heard?  Do you ever wonder if you should just quit praying for someone?

After praying for my dad since I was nine… I kinda started to think that we would never have the kind of relationship that I always wanted. I mean, after praying for over twenty years about something, who wouldn’t be tempted to give up? Right?

Growing up, I had an amazing relationship with my step-dad, Mark Simpson. He was a living example of what a godly man really looks like. I always wished that I could be as close to my real dad as I was to Mark.

For years I prayed for my dad’s relationship with Jesus, and asked God to forgive me if I was harboring unforgiveness towards my dad.  I had definitely felt let down by my dad, and I seriously doubted that we would ever have a good relationship, but I kept praying.  Sometimes I prayed very fervently and other times I wondered if anything good would result from my years of praying.

Four months ago God really started working in my heart and showing me a few things about myself.  He has been teaching me about grace, love, and real forgiveness.

I realized that although I thought I had forgiven my dad, God showed me that not only did I need to really forgive my dad, but I also needed to forgive myself.  I have always been hard on myself, and when I would mess up, I asked God for forgiveness (which the Bible says He freely gives), but I realized that I wasn’t accepting His forgiveness.

I realized I had pride because I wouldn’t allow myself to experience the freedom that comes when God wipes our “sin slate” clean. I gave my life to God at age three and it was a very real decision for me, but for some reason, I was still trying to earn God’s love. When I messed up, I had a hard time accepting God’s forgiveness.

One day, I asked God to fix this stuff once and for all.  I didn’t want to drag this burden around any more, and I definitely didn’t want to bring it into a marriage relationship. My unforgiving heart towards my dad and towards me needed to go!  The crazy thing is… that God took all that stuff away. Really!  I haven’t been the same since that day.

Since then (it has been a couple months now), my relationship with my dad has been so special, so encouraging, and so wonderful… I seriously can’t think about it without tearing up.  God really can restore a dad to his daughter and  a daughter to her dad. God really answers prayers… even if it was twenty-one years later.

When my dad came in town for my NO SEX TOUR launch party, we all had the best time together!  Only God could have done that! Praise God for His lovingkindness, and praise God for my daddy, Garry Isham.

Dad, your support and encouragement with my book and my tour have meant the world to me, thank you for believing in me and for loving me!


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Lindsey N. Isham

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7 Responses
  • Sherri
    September 4, 2009

    Linds, I just got off the phone with your dad. He sent me the link to this blog. And I can hardly type due to tears of thankfulness.
    God isn’t through with any of us yet! And praise Him for His gentle pushes toward that which will make our lives more peaceful and more of a blessing to others!
    I love you and am so proud of you!
    Aunt Sherri

    • Lindsey Isham
      September 8, 2009

      I love you Aunt Sherri! God is so faithful, even when we lose hope… He is still so good to us.


  • Dawn
    October 28, 2009

    This made me cry. God is a God of reconciliation.

  • Lindsey Isham
    October 29, 2009

    He is so good to us isn’t He!

  • Eric S
    February 2, 2010

    I’ll keep praying for me and my mother with more hope too.

    There is a bigger picture to all of this.

  • Reese Cup
    June 21, 2010

    Dear Lindsey,
    Truly, God has anointed your pen to have written that book. It has blessed my life! Ijust recenlty bought it and God has set me free from some issues that I had been dealing with as it relates to purity. Thank you so much for being a vessel that the Lord can use. Please keep my father in your prayers. Like you, I’ve been wanting a special relationship with my dad to exist and I have been praying for it for years. Please pray for me, that I too will keep on praying and have the patience to let God do what He needs to do in my heart and my dad’s.
    God bless you my sisters!

    • Lindsey Isham
      June 22, 2010

      You are a blessing Reese… Praise God for what He is doing in your life! Thank you for the encouraging note… you have blessed me tremendously!

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